01 – Android WYF Changelog

Version 0.21.0-alpha – November 25 2022 #



  • Updated Situm SDK to version 2.82.0.
  • Changed the minimum zoom level required to show the indoor building map (and also the floor selector) from 16 to 15. The minimum initial zoom level also changed from 16 to 15.
  • Modified the icon used to indicate floor changes in routes.
  • The average walking speed used to calculate the estimated time in routes was increased from 1m/s to 1.4m/s.
  • Replaced material FAB buttons in WYF with AppCompatImageButtons to avoid crashes in Flutter:
    signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL) Trying to start new animators on 0x7f7d57e000 (RippleDrawable) without an animation handle!
  • Replaced raster images with vector drawables to avoid AppCompatImageButton issues.
  • Updated some strings in translation files.
  • Now the POI icons (and text) keep the same size across different pixel densities.



  • Removed the “Save as Favourite” dialog displayed when a long press was performed over the map.

Version 0.20.0-alpha – October 04 2022 #


  • New method SitumMapsLibrary.setShowNavigationIndications() to enable/disable the indications while navigating.


  • SDK version upgraded to 2.80.1

Version 0.19.1-alpha – September 26 2022 #


  • Floor level picker now shows the organization theme colors if ‘use account theme’ is enabled.

Version 0.19.0-alpha – September 19 2022 #


  • Added RTL (right-to-left) navigation support.
  • Added Arabic translations.


  • Updated Situm SDK’s version to 2.79.2.

Version 0.18.0-alpha – August 11 2022 #



  • Bug with the accesible routes. They now work as intended

Version 0.16.0-alpha – July 08 2022 #


  • Added marker clustering for POIs.
  • Added a new method setEnablePoiClustering(boolean) in LibrarySettings to enable or disable marker clustering for POIs. The default value is false.

Version 0.15.3-alpha – June 22 2022 #


  • Non-relevant markers are now hide during a route for better visibility and simplicity

Version 0.15.2-alpha – April 18 2022 #


Version 0.15.1-alpha – March 31, 2022 #


  • Fix problem with the buttons of the module, sometimes you couldn’t interact with them. This was caused because we were using a deprecated Android lifecycle callback.
  • Fix crash when returning to the app from background that happened sometimes. This happened for the same reason as the previous one

Version 0.15.0-alpha – March 24, 2022 #


  • Removed park labels from Google Maps layer.
  • The Situm geofences will not be displayed anymore on the map.


  • Now the Text-To-Speech button that enables or disables turn by turn spoken indications during navigation is no longer visible.
  • Turn by turn spoken indications are now disabled.

Version 0.14.0-alpha – March 22, 2022 #


  • New method setShowPoiNames(boolean) in LibrarySettings that allows to always show the names anchored to the icon of the corresponding poi. By default it’s false and it will not show the names

Version 0.13.0-alpha – March 11, 2022 #


  • Floor plans can now be displayed as tile overlays in the map.

Version 0.12.1-alpha – March 04, 2022 #


  • Removed popups containing information about events and geofences during positioning.

Version 0.12.0-alpha – February 24, 2022 #




  • If you had this plugin integrated in your project, you will have to refactor the mentioned methods and class names in order to get this new version working properly.

Version 0.11.0-alpha – February 21, 2022 #


  • New method stopNavigation() to stop navigating if the user is currently navigating to a Poi or location. This method does nothing if the navigation is not running.
  • Added a new interface OnNavigationListener to get notified about navigation events (navigation requested, canceled and destination reached). Navigation and Destination were also added to provide concise information on each callback.


Version 0.10.1-alpha – February 16, 2022 #


  • Search bar redesign:

    • Now the search bar has a more modern look with rounded corners.

    • The search results panel is now displayed attached to the bar.

  • Floor selector revamp:

    • Now the floor selector is less invasive (smaller size, it only shows three items).

    • In buildings with more than three floors, two arrows are shown to indicate the possibility of scrolling.

    • Its appearance is more modern with rounded corners.

Version 0.10.0-alpha – February 10, 2022 #


  • Added the method setUseRemoteConfig(boolean) to LibrarySettings to start positioning using the Remote Configuration. The default value is false. When this parameter is set to true the local settings will be overwritten.


  • Updated SDK version to 2.73.0.

Version 0.9.2-alpha – January 26, 2022 #


Version 0.9.1-alpha – January 17, 2022 #


Version 0.9.0-alpha – January 7, 2022 #


  • Improved Navigation UX
    • Updated visual styles.
    • Added mute button to toggle audio instructions.
  • Update SDK version to 2.72.0
  • SDK and WYF library now compile and target sdkVersion 31 (Android 12).
  • The minimum supported version has been updated to sdkVersion 21 (Android 5.0). Official support has been withdrawn more than one year ago.
  • A large amount of the library’s dependencies have been updated to their latest versions.

Warning: Two new runtime permissions are required to guarantee the WYF library functions correctly: android.permission.BLUETOOTH_SCAN and android.permission.BLUETOOTH_CONNECT. These permissions must be requested at runtime just like android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, for most SDK functionality involving bluetooth.

Warning: For this version of the WYF library to work properly on Android 12 devices and above, the host app must target android api 31 or above.

Version 0.8.5-alpha – December 1, 2021 #


  • Added findRouteToLocation(Floor, lat, lng) method to find a route to a given location.
  • Added a new progress indicator in the map view while waiting for the first location to be


  • Updated SDK version to 2.71.2.
  • Now findRouteToPoi() can be called immediately after the library load success callback. The same
    applies to findRouteToLocation().
  • Now the button “center view” used to center the user position in the map is decorated with the
    primary color of your organization theme. The icon also gets updated using userPositionArrowIcon if exists.
  • The “obtaining position” message will not be displayed in the info panel anymore.


Version 0.8.4-alpha – November 11, 2021 #


  • Added methods in LibrarySettings and SitumMapView to set the user marker from a local asset.
  • Now the user position error range circle gets its color from the dashboard when the option useDashboardTheme is set to true. The same applies to the navigation path color.


  • Updated SDK version to 2.70.4.
  • The alert dialogs shown after starting positioning are not displayed anymore.

Version 0.8.3-alpha – October 7, 2021 #

  • Update SDK to version 2.70.2
  • Update default colors and icons according to the new corporate image.
  • Update appearance (shape, shadow) of some UI components accordingly.
  • Add fade effect on search results.

Version 0.8.2-alpha – April 19, 2021 #

  • Update SDK to version 2.68.2
  • SDK contains a bug fix detected in the previous version

Version 0.8.1-alpha – April 05, 2021 #

  • Update SDK to version 2.68.0

Version 0.8.0-alpha – March 31, 2021 #

  • Fixed obfuscation rules
  • Update SDK to version 2.67.3

Version 0.7.2-alpha – November 19, 2020 #

  • Fix view related crashes

Version 0.7.1-alpha – November 11, 2020 #

  • Upgrade compileSdkVersion to 30
  • Upgrade targetSdkVersion to 30

Version 0.6.0-alpha – November 03, 2020 #

  • Migrated to use androidx support libraries.

Version 0.5.1-alpha – October 16, 2020 #

  • Add new method in SitumMapsLibrary to change the geofences colors.
  • Add new method in LibrarySettings to select if you want to draw or not the geofences over the map.

Version 0.5.0-alpha – October 08, 2020 #

  • Add new method in SitumMapsLibrary to load the module inside a fragment.

Version 0.4.1-alpha – September 25, 2020 #

  • Fix TextToSpeech language issues.
  • Fix fragment transitions issues that caused incompatibilities with AndroidX apps

Version 0.4.0-alpha – November 25, 2019 #

  • Add new method in SitumMapsLibrary to unload the module from the container view
  • Add new method in LibrarySettings to set an external GoogleMap to be used by the module
  • Fix bug not allowing centering a POI before building was load

Version 0.3.0-alpha – April 29, 2019 #

  • Add option to use dashboard theme
  • Add charging screen while initialization

Version 0.2.0-alpha – March 15, 2019 #

  • Add search bar
  • Add option to enable/disable search bar

Version 0.1.0-alpha – February 18, 2019 #

  • Initial version

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