02 – iOS WYF Changelog

Version 0.16.1-alpha – November 07, 2022. #


  • Improvements in the calculation of time to goal and arrival time when the user request a route to a point.

Version 0.16.0-alpha – November 03, 2022. Warning: Experimental Version #


  • Added onNavigationStarted method to OnNavigationListener to notify when all route calculation are finished and the navigation starts.

Warning: If you were already implenting OnNavigationListener protocol this change will break compatibility as you will need to add onNavigationStarted to your delegate.

Version 0.15.0-alpha – October 31, 2022. Warning: Experimental Version #


  • Add new method startPositioning to SitumMapsLibrary that allow to start positioning the user in the map.


  • Fixed bug when poi names are shown and poi name is too long. Previously the name was cut.


  • Updated Situm SDK dependency to 2.54.2.

Version 0.14.0-alpha – October 27, 2022. Warning: Experimental Version #



  • UI Improvements: Change the size, rounding and font of the center button.
  • UI Improvements: Increase size of cluster icons and make them look like android.
  • UI Improvements: Improvemnts in user feedback. Now an alert is shown when the user tries to start. positioning if they previously rejected one of the system permissions Wayfinding needs to provide locations.


  • Improved some translations text

Version 0.13.0-alpha – October 24, 2022. Warning: Experimental Version #


  • Added support for Top Level POIs. These POIs will never be clustered, so they will be visible all the time no matter the level of zoom. To set top level pois create for that POI a custom field in dashboard with a property “top_level” and value “true”.


  • UI Improvements: Decrease the size of POI icons.
  • UI Improvements: Update size, font and stroke of POI labels. The new font used is Roboto.


  • Fixed a bug that shows an invisible nav bar if search bar is set to be hidden in SITLibrarySettings and you stop positioning.
  • Fixed crash in POI selection when user filter POI categories or change floor plant.
  • Fixed crash in POI selection that occurs sometimes when clustering is enabled.

Version 0.12.0-alpha – October 20, 2022. #


  • Added new method presentInNewView(_ view: UIView, controlledBy viewController: UIViewController) in SitumMapsLibrary that allow to present the WYF module in a different container view without the need of reset WYF module.
  • Add new method filterPois(by categoryIds: [String]) in SitumMapsLibrary to filter POIs by given category Ids. This will hide the icon of every POI in the map that not matches these categories.


  • Break clusters of POIs when zoom is very close to building

Version 0.11.1-alpha – October 10, 2022 #


  • Updated Situm SDK dependency to 2.54.1

Version 0.11.0-alpha – October 05, 2022 #



  • Updated Situm SDK dependency to 2.54.0.

Version 0.10.0-alpha – September 30, 2022 #



Version 0.9.0-alpha – September 7, 2022


  • Added Japanese and French translations.


  • Updated Situm SDK dependency to 2.53.0.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash when the user gets out of the route.
  • Fixed a bug that causes buildings with only one floor not showing its floorplan on the map.

Version 0.8.1-alpha – August 12, 2022


  • Updated Situm SDK to 2.52.4


  • Fixed an error that caused release branches in pipelines to generate artifacts in debug mode
  • Fixed a bug that makes the user orientation not being updated when the screen is not centered in the user position.

Version 0.8.0-alpha – July 04, 2022


Version 0.7.0-alpha – June 28, 2022


Version 0.6.0-alpha – June 17, 2022


  • Add new method enableOneBuildingMode(buildingId: String) in SitumMapsLibrary to limit zoom and pan to a single building
  •  Add new method enableOneBuildingMode(building: SITBuilding) in SitumMapsLibrary to limit zoom and pan to a single building
  • Behavior change when selecting a POI. If it is selected, the icon is shown in blue, while if it is not selected, it is black. If the parameter to show the name of the POI is active, it will be shown whether it is selected or not.
  • Now the route is recalculated when the user goes outside the route (but still in building). The new route is recalculated from the actual user location

Version 0.5.0-alpha – April 12, 2022 #


Version 0.4.0-alpha – March 31, 2022 #


  • Navigation UI has been redesigned with aesthetic improvements and better and more clear information about the route.
  • Changes in GoogleMaps styles to adjust the colors and lightness of some cartographic elements.
  • Changes in GoogleMaps styles to hide GoogleMaps POI names.
  • Changed the behaviour of the module when setShowTextPois is not set. Now the default value is false so only the POI icons whithout its name will appear on the map.
  • Updated situm sdk dependency to 2.52.1
  • Changed the behaviour of long presses over the map. Now a marker is shown only if the long press is performed inside the bounds of the building.


  • Fixed a bug detected in navigation mode when the user goes outside the route. In previous versions while the user was outside the route the user location was not updated.

Version 0.3.0-alpha – March 14, 2022 #


  • Added localization for spanish language.
  • Added method setShowPoiNames to LibrarySettings Builder. This method allows the name of the POIs to be displayed on the map above each POI icon. If it is set to true, the POI name is displayed above the POI icon, if it is set to false, only the POI icon appears.

Version 0.2.0-alpha – February 21, 2022 #


Version 0.1.22-alpha – February 21, 2022 #


Version 0.1.21-alpha – February 07, 2022 #


Version 0.1.20-alpha – January 28, 2022 #


  • Added a protocol OnMapReadyListener and a mehod setOnMapReadyListener on SitumMapsLibrary. As a developer you can set a listener and implement the protocol method to get notified when it is safe to perform operations over the map.
  • Added method selectPoi on SitumMapsLibrary to select a POI on the map. A callback could be passed as a parameter to know when the POI was selected (since the action is asynchronous)

Version 0.1.19-alpha – January 14, 2022 #



  • Now changes on the selected floor doesn’t cause the deselection of the selected Poi.

Version 0.1.18-alpha – December 23, 2021 #


  • Finished the implementation of the search bar. This search bar presents the building POIs ordered alphabetically and provides basic filtering capbilities. A selection of a POI implies that:
    1. If there was a selected POI it is deselected.
    2. The active floor plan is changed to the selected POI floor if neccesary.
    3. The footer bar is uptated to show the POI info.
    4. The navigation button to request a route to that POI is displayed.
  • Added a public method setSearchViewPlaceholder in LibrarySettings class.


  • Updated situm sdk dependency to 2.51.5.

Version 0.1.17-alpha – December 14, 2021 #


  • First version of the search bar. In this version the selection of a result is not yet implemented.

Version 0.1.16-alpha – November 11, 2021 #


  • Previously when a building was first shown in the app, the default floor that appeared in the screen was the highest floor. Now this was changed to be the lowest floor


  • Added methods in LibrarySettings and SitumMapView to set the user marker from a local asset.
  • Now the user position error range circle gets its color from the dashboard when the option useDashboardTheme is set to true. The same applies to the navigation path color.

Version 0.1.15-alpha – November 11, 2021 #

  • Changed the shape and colour of the guidance path.

Version 0.1.14-alpha – July 28, 2021 #

  • Solved issue displaying the user’s location that in certain situation could appear in the wrong floor.

Version 0.1.13-alpha – May 26, 2021 #

  • Improvements in user location accuracy circumference.

Version 0.1.12-alpha – February 16, 2021 #

  • Customize logo and primary color based on profile.
  • WARNING: Last version compatible with iOS 9

Version 0.1.11-alpha – February 10, 2021 #

  • Fix a crash when requesting navigation from outdoor positions.
  • Improvements in navigation experience.

Version 0.1.10-alpha – October 28, 2020 #

  • Fix a crash in SceneDelegate projects due to use of deprecated UIAlertView.

Version 0.1.9-alpha – December 26, 2019 #

  • Outdoor positions can now be seen.
  • Fix a bug not updating the users markers as soon as a floor change happens.

Version 0.1.5-alpha – June 27, 2019 #

  • Add new class SitumView
  • Add option to load Wayfinding module as a view (only programmaticaly before)
  • Credentials are now set through a separate method setCredentials()
  • Add new custom error UnsuportedConfigurationError
  • Not providing credentials before loading the module now throws an exception

Version 0.1.4-alpha – June 19, 2019 #

  • Rename Facade to SitumMapsLibrary
  • Add SitumMap protocol
  • Add function getGoogleMap() to SitumMapsLibrary class
  • Add interceptors functionality for location, directions and navigation requests
  • onBackPressedCallback is now passed to SitumMapsLibrary through a separate method

Version 0.1.3-alpha – June 11, 2019 #

  • Add onBackCallback to Facade load() method
  • Add class Credentials

Version 0.1.2-alpha – May 29, 2019 #

  • Documented all public classes

Version 0.1.1-alpha – May 24, 2019 #

  • Fixed view load so it always matches its superview size

Version 0.1.0-alpha – May 23, 2019 #

  • Initial version

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