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Situm Map Viewer is a web-based tool for indoor mapping visualization that can be quickly integrated into your mobile app, website, or kiosk.

Mobile #

Our Map Viewer is tailored for mobile apps, offering seamless integration and user-friendly navigation through the following key features:

  • Dynamic Navigation: Provides real-time indoor/outdoor navigation with blue-dot guidance and turn-by-turn directions.
  • Route Options: Offers multiple route types including shortest, wheelchair-friendly, and customizable paths based on user-defined tags like ‘private’ or ‘public’.
  • Intelligent POI Search: Features advanced search with category filtering and a typo-tolerant algorithm to quickly find relevant Points of Interest.
  • Mobile-Optimized UI: The user interface is specifically designed for mobile use, making it easy to navigate, search, and plan routes on the go.
  • Integration via Visual Mobile SDKs: Ensures smooth integration with mobile applications, enhancing functionality and user experience in various environments.

Websites #

Our Map Viewer is also fully optimized for integration into websites, offering a flexible and customizable solution with the following key features:

  • UI Adaptation for Websites: The user interface is specifically adapted for web use, ensuring a seamless experience directly within a browser.
  • Iframe Integration: Can be easily embedded into webpages via an iframe, allowing quick and straightforward implementation.
  • Post Message API Interaction: Supports interaction through a post message API, enabling communication between the iframe and the parent webpage for enhanced functionality.
  • Customizable Design: Allows customization to match the website’s style, including colors, fonts, and more, ensuring that the map viewer integrates smoothly with the overall design of the webpage.

Kiosks #

The Map Viewer can also be integrated into digital kiosks using the same iframe method as web integrations (see previous section), ensuring that it benefits from all the versatile features available for websites. This setup requires the kiosk to run a modern browser, allowing it to display the fully interactive and customizable map viewer seamlessly. With this integration, kiosks can provide routes and indications, POI searches, and tailored aesthetic adjustments, enhancing the user experience in public or private spaces.


  1. Customizable Location Indicators: Kiosks feature a prominent “You’re here” message, which comes with a customizable visual indicator. This feature is specifically designed to help users quickly identify their current location within the venue.
  2. POI Management: There’s the possibility ability to hide unwanted Points of Interest (POIs). This includes the ability to remove the kiosk itself from the map and search results, reducing clutter and focusing the user’s attention on relevant navigation information.
  3. Automated Route Calculation: Routes are automatically calculated from the kiosk’s location. This ensures that any navigation initiated from the kiosk takes into account the user’s starting point, providing a seamless and intuitive route planning experience.
  4. Proximity-Based Search Results: Search results on kiosks are sorted by distance, prioritizing the closest points of interest. This sorting method enhances the user experience by reducing the time and effort needed to locate nearby facilities or services within the venue.

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