05 – React Native WYF Changelog

[0.3.1] – 2023-05-25 #

Changed #

  • Updated WYF Android version to 0.27.3.

[0.3.0] – 2023-05-23 #

Added #

Changed #

  • Updated WYF Android version to 0.27.2.
  • Updated WYF iOS version to 0.19.3.
  • Removed parameter iOSMapViewIndex from MapView.

Fixed #

  • Fixed an error loading WYF at navigator tabs.

[0.2.0] – 2023-02-24 #


As a developer you can now customize our MapView component with several parameter in order to better fulfill your requirements. A brief description of these parameters are:

  • useRemoteConfig: Boolean value that determines if the location system use the configuration stored on the dashboard (true) or the local one (false)
  • useDashboardTheme: Boolean value that determines if the visual components are customized by colors and logo of the organization (true) or not (false)
  • showPoiNames:Boolean value that determines if the names of the Points of Interest should be displayed (true) or not (false).
  • enablePoiClustering: Boolean value that determines if the Points of Interest get grouped into clusters (true) or are displayed individually (false)
  • minZom, maxZoom: Integer values that determine the minimum and maximum value the zoom can have. If not set, these values are the ones by default of the map provider, Google Maps.


  • Updated WYF iOS to version 0.18.2.

[0.1.8] – 2023-02-08 #


  • Now MapView exposes Typescript interfaces to facilitate the integration of callbacks.
  • All interfaces and callbacks have been added to the documentation.
  • Added minZoom and maxZoom parameters to limit the WYF underlying map.


  • Updated WYF Android to version 0.24.2.
  • Updated WYF iOS to version 0.18.0.
  • Changed the default value of useDashboardTheme to true.
  • Refactored the code that loads the WYF module.
  • Refactored the object mappings.


  • Now all the exposed callbacks are working as expected.

[0.1.7] – 2022-12-23 #


  • Updated WYF iOS to version 0.17.1.

[0.1.6] – 2022-12-16 #


  • Updated WYF Android to version 0.22.2.

[0.1.5] – 2022-12-07 #


  • Fixed issue when mounting MapView on a StackView or TabBarController.

[0.1.2] – 2022-09-06 #


  • Fixed a bug that crashes the module when the map is loaded.

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