06 – Flutter Wayfinding Changelog

[0.0.12] – 2023-03-21 #


  • Updated Wayfinding Android to version 0.26.1.
  • Updated Wayfinding iOS to version 0.19.2.

[0.0.11] – 2023-03-15 #



[0.0.10] – 2023-03-10 #



  • Fixed iOS unload method.

[0.0.9] – 2023-03-06 #


  • Added showPositioningButton parameter to show or hide the positioning button on Wayfinding. The default value is true.
  • Added minZoom and maxZoom parameters to limit the underlying map zoom levels.
  • Now you can override the remote configuration with an specific building identifier on calls to requestLocationUpdates(LocationListener listener, Map<String, dynamic> locationRequest). This is possible by setting a buildingIdentifier to the locationRequest parameter.


  • Update WYF iOS to 0.18.2.
  • Update WYF Android to 0.26.0.
  • Updated plugin so that Wayfinding can react to the positioning even if it was started using SitumFlutterSDK.
  • Changed default values for useRemoteConfiguseDashboardTheme and showPoiNames to true.


  • Fixed STOPPED status not being communicated on calls to removeUpdates().
  • Fixed unload() method.

[0.0.8] – 2023-02-20 #


  • Added navigateToPoi(String id, String buildingId) method. Starts the navigation to a poi in the specified building. This will:
    • Start the positioning if needed
    • Calculate and draw the route from the current user location to the poi
    • Provide the step-by-step instructions to reach the poi

[0.0.7] – 2023-01-30 #


  • Added customFields field to Poi object

[0.0.6] – 2023-01-11 #


  • Updated Android WYF to version 0.23.0.
  • Updated gradle plugin version to 7.1.3.
  • Modified internal mappings to use the new SDK MapperInterface.


  • Fixed clearCache in Android.

[0.0.5] – 2022-12-27 #

  • Code refactoring
  • Updated WYF iOS version to 0.17.1

[0.0.4] – 2022-12-02 #

  • Update WYF Android version to 0.21.0.
  • Now SitumMapView#loadCallback is always called after widget’s dispose(). This change makes SitumMapView compatible with Navigator.

[0.0.1] – 2022-09-22 #

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