07 -How to lay out the cartography

Dashboard #

The following section will show how to layout the floorplans after uploading them to the Situm Dashboard. This documentation entry will be divided into 3 important sections:

Requirements #

Below we will indicate the minimum files and programmes that we must have in order to proceed with the layout of floorplans:

  • High definition floorplan, in CAD or PDF format with the elements of the floorplan/s in layers to facilitate its layout. If this is not available, a pdf or image format with a good image quality if possible >300dpi (will involve more layout work and/or worse final result).
  • Necessary software: Autocad if the floorplan is in this format, pdf, and some image editing software such as Gimp (free) or Adobe Photoshop.

Situm hardly recommend trying to obtain the floorplans in AutoCAD or PDF by layers because if we have it with layers, we can deactivate the layers that are not useful and generate a new PDF without these layers.

Steps to follow #

  1. If we have the plan in Autocad or pdf format with layers, we deactivate the layers that are not useful to us and generate a new pdf without these layers. At situm we recommend removing the following layers, because the simpler the floorplan, the easier it is to interpret it:
    • Aerial elements such as ventilation ducts or cabling.
    • Dimensions
    • Lines specifying routes or movement
  2. Once we have the floorplan in pdf format, we open it with our image editor. We will have to do the following:
    • If our building has different floors, we will have to mount each floor in a layer and align one on top of the other. Please note that they must match one floor with the other, as well as elements such as stairs, beams or walls.
    • We will put a white background on each layer so that it can be visualised well on the Dashboard or a colour that we consider, if we want to have a personalised floor and our company has a designer.
    • Crop the outside areas of the building with the image editor tools (magic wand), because in outside areas it is good to see the google or satellite map.
    • Export floor with the same canvas size.
    • If you want to have a customised plan for your organisation, contact sales@situm.com. Examples of layout plans:
    • Once the layout is done, we will export the plant or each floor individually with the highest possible quality and with a size that does not exceed 3900 px both in width and height.

Example of how some floorplans would look like aligned in Photoshop and how to export them to 3900px:

Dashboard upload #

As a last step we will load the floorplans in the Dashboard following these steps: https://situm.com/docs/cartography-management/

POI Category #

From Situm we have the option to configure the POIS images. To do this you would have to follow the following steps.

Open an image editor (Figma, Photoshop, Gimp…) and create your Icon and your Pressed Icon.

Recommendations #

  • Icons should have only 2 colours, one for the background and one for the figure that will represent the Category.
  • If you want to make a Pressed Icon also change the colour of one or the 2 elements with slightly different colours to the icon without pressing.
  • They should be compatible colours. E.g. don’t put similar or very light colours on both of them.
  • The size of the icons should be 128 * 128 px or 200 * 200px. When uploading larger icons they tend to lose resolution or even cause a loading problem if there are many of them.

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