08 – Infrastructure panel

Situm requires a minimal infrastructure in order to work properly. This infrastructure can fail for a number of reasons: a BLE beacon can run out of battery, a WiFi AP location can be changed, or in general any of these elements can malfunction. In these situations, you will need to perform a certain maintenance operation, such as a battery replacement. Luckily, Situm is very robust against all these situations and can keep working even with a high percentage of hardware failures

The problem is: how do you detect these situations? How do you find the problematic elements? Situm Dashboard provides the Infrastructure Panel to help you solve these issues. This tool provides 2 main advantages.

Listing your infrastructure with their location so you can find it easily. We list automatically where each BLE beacon / WiFi AP using the calibration information. In essence, we compute the position where the BLE / AP signal is stronger. In order to do this, be aware that calibrations must be performed according to our calibrations guidelines. 
Making you aware of any issues with any element so you can proactively correct them. Having the location of each BLE beacon / WiFi AP, we can also detect the last time they have been listened. We can do this because any app that uses our SDKs can send to Situm Platform the signal information obtained from each element, in order to update their status. We store this information and provide useful insights based on it.  Not only that, but we are also able to detect & update the battery level of specific beacon models, such as Accent

You must take into account: 
1. We will only have information of those areas where you have performed positioning recently. 
2. This info will be available in Situm Dashboard one day after it has been gathered by your apps.  


You can find this feature in the right-top menu bar of Situm Dashboard. 

Infraestructure Panel

In this screen, you will find the following top-level info as illustrated in the image below: 

  1. Beacon/WiFi AP location in a map.  Each beacon location will be indicated on top of the floorplan. 
  2. Beacon/WiFi list: On the left-side of the screen, the beacon/AP list will allow you to search each Beacon/WiFi AP, filter these elements by floor and check their last listening by hours. 
  3. Color legend by date: All the infrastructure beacons/ WiFi APs will be colored to indicate the last time they have been listened to:
    1. The beacon/AP has been listened recently: e.g. somebody has walked around the beacon today. 
    2. The beacon/AP has not been listened approximately in a week.  
    3. The beacon/AP has not been listened approximately in the last 3 weeks.  
    4. This means that the beacon/AP has never been listened to from the calibration day.  

If you take a look on the beacon/AP list, you will notice that it has a lot of use information. You can select the beacon and get its information about MAC, major, minor and last listened timestamp. You can switch from BLE Beacons mode to WiFi Aps on same window:

Select Beacon/Ap
  1. Switch between BLE Beacons and WiFi Aps.
  2. Selected Beacon/Ap Information.
  3. Selected Beacon/Ap.

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