01 – Introduction to Situm

What is Situm #

Situm is an indoor and outdoor positioning platform that makes it really easy to build indoor location mobile apps & introduce indoor location based services in your business: particularly wayfinding & tracking applications.

Situm provides 3 ready-to-use functionalities which can be combined together in different ways to build new indoor location solutions:

  1. Indoor & Outdoor Positioning. Thanks to its multi-sensor data fusion algorithm, Situm is able to geolocate Android & iOS smartphones inside and outside buildings. Situm provides not only the absolute location of the smartphone, but also its orientation and the specific floor where it is (detected automatically).
  2. Indoor Maps & Routes. With Situm, even non-experts can configure their whole building cartography effortlessly, including indoor maps, points of interest, geofences and indoor routes. This cartography can be used in mobile apps & webpages alike to show building’s floorplans to visitors, building point of interest directories or computing the shortest route from where the user is to a destination.
  3. Indoor Geoanalytics & Real-Time Tracking. Last but not least, Situm is able to store all the computed geolocations and offer real-time & historical data insights: knowing where all the users of a mobile app are (inside a building or anywhere in the world) right now, computing the most visited places of a building, or extracting the trajectory performed by an asset are just a few examples.

These 3 functionalities are not provided by a single piece of software, but by a whole universe of mobile SDKs (Android, iOS, Cordova, Capacitor and React Native), web APIs, SDKs & widgets, and ready-to-use mobile apps & web dashboards that will allow you to bring indoor & outdoor geolocation to your business.

With these ingredients, dozens of companies have leveraged on Situm Platform to build wayfinding an tracking solutions for different industries and use cases.

  • Wayfinding or Navigation apps provide an indoor map and turn-by-turn indications to building visitors. A shopping mall that allows you to search for your favourite shop, a hospital app that shows you where your phisician’s office is, an airport app that provides the shortest route to your boarding gate…
  • Tracking apps allow managers to geolocate workforces and assets in huge venues, in order to react quickly to incidents, audit the work performed, optimize processes and increase the worker & venue safety.

Indoor Navigation. Add into your app an indoor map of your airport, shopping center, hospital or office with step-by-step wayfinding indications. We provide the SDKs, modules sample codes and everything you need!

Indoor Tracking. Monitor and optimize the activity of your employees, assets and facility management services of your building. Take advantage of our “out of the box” solution or integrate it into your system. No dedicated infrastructure!

Situm’s special sauce is its core indoor location algorithm, that merges all the information that can be gathered by modern smartphones. This algorithm achieves a high accuracy without requiring big investments in infrastructure by leveraging on pre-existing information of the environment (magnetic fields, Bluetooth, WiFi…) combined with sensors that allow to infer the movement of the user (compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer…).

This algorithm provides an average accuracy of 1-3 meters with automatic floor detection and indoor/outdoor smooth transitioning. It consumes a minimum amount of battery, works when the smartphone is in the hand and in the pocket, and with or without internet connection.

Use cases: Wayfinding and Tracking #

Situm can be used to enable any use case that leverages on indoor & outdoor geolocation: as such,  it has been successfully deployed in thousands of buildings all around the world. The most popular of those are indoor navigation (wayfinding) and tracking.

Wayfinding #

Situm is extensively used by software companies all around the world to build wayfinding and navigation solutions so that building visitors always find the shortest route to their destination. Whether you want to guide a passenger to its boarding gate in an airport, to help a patient find their doctor’s office in a hospital or to show geolocated coupons to your customers in a shopping mall, Situm is the right choice. Some of the most popular use cases are:

To achieve this, Situm Platform provides mobile SDKs & visual components that allow developers to bring geolocation and indoor navigation to their apps easily, as well as REST APIs to consume and modify any data stored in Situm Platform. With Situm, you will be able to:

  • Build indoor and outdoor geolocation apps (Android & iOS) with the highest accuracy and minimal infrastructure.
  • Provide turn-by-turn navigation instructions (text and voice), even for people with reduced mobility.
  • Embed your buildings’ cartography in mobile & web apps: floorplans, geofences, navigation routes,etc.
  • Visualize the geolocation of every user in your building and real-time.
  • Build geospatial reports based on users’ historical geolocations: heatmaps, trajectories, etc.

In other words, Situm Platform will allow you to build beautiful and useful wayfinding apps for any venue of any size, from airports to small shopping malls, for smartphones (Android, iOS) and webapps (webpages, digital kiosks…).

Tracking #

Situm is also extensivelly used by facility management, security and manufacturing companies to manage and monitor mobile workforces both in indoor and outdoor spaces. This provides them a privileged view of their field work, allowing them to optimize their services, audit the quality of work provided, and of course, increase the safety of their environments and workforces.

Situm Platform provides Situm MRM, an end-to-end solution that will allow you to (without developing a single line of code):

  • Track and visualize the indoor & outdoor geolocation of your workforces.
  • Manage & audit the work to be performed thanks to geolocated tasks and patrols
  • Manage all your workforces in a single stop shop, including their names, roles, groups and other useful information.
  • Receive events and alarms (e.g. man down alarms or panic button alerts) in real-time, allowing you to react quickly to them.
  • Audit the work performed by your team thanks to powerful geoanalytics such as trajectories, heatmaps, or geofencing based reports.

Situm Platform components #

Situm Web Dashboard #

Situm Dashboard is a web panel that will allow you to:

  • Manage all your buildings’ cartography: floorplans, points of interest, geofences and routes.
  • Visualize your users’ geolocations in real-time.
  • Retrieve geospatial reports, such as trajectories, heatmaps, and geofencing based analytics.
  • Manage the work performed by your workforces, by means of geolocated tasks and patrols.
  • Manage all your workforces from a one-stop-shop.
Situm Dashboard allows you to configure your building indoor maps and extract indoor geoanalytics, and much more!

Situm apps #

Situm Mapping Tool #

Situm Mapping Tool is an Android app that will allow you to:

  • Configure Situm indoor positioning in your building by calibrating them (capturing their WiFi/BLE signals).
  • See for yourself in a full-featured wayfinding app how accurate Situm is, and how well the wayfinding & navigation experience works!
  • Visualize with the cartography that you have configured in Situm Dashboard: floorplans, points of interest and geofences.

Situm MRM Tracker app #

Situm MRM Tracker is an Android app that, together with Situm Dashboard, will allow you to:

  • Track and visualize the indoor & outdoor geolocation of your workforces.
  • Manage & audit the work to be performed thanks to geolocated tasks and patrols
  • Manage all your workforces in a single stop shop, including their names, roles, groups and other useful information.
  • Receive events and alarms (e.g. man down alarms or panic button alerts) in real-time, allowing you to react quickly to them.
  • Audit the work performed by your team thanks to powerful geoanalytics such as trajectories, heatmaps, or geofencing based reports.

Mobile SDKs #

Situm WYF #

Situm WYF is a Plug-and-play UX component that will allow you to bring wayfinding capabilities to your apps in no-time. It includes, out of the box:

  • Cartography visualization: floorplans, points of interest (POIs), and geofences.
  • POI search directory, so you can easily build a search bar for any important places of your building.
  • Indoor & outdoor geolocation, plus wayfinding with different types of route settings (shortest route, accesible routes only, etc.).
  • Turn-by-turn wayfinding directions. 3 flavors available: visual indications, text directions and voice directions (for people with visual impairments).
  • Geotriggered notifications: send a greeting to your visitors or a geopromotion to your customers.

Situm WYF is available for Android, iOS, Capacitor and React Native.

Situm SDKs #

Development Kits that will allow you to build indoor & outdoor geolocation apps in Android, iOS, Cordova, Capacitor and React Native from scratch.

  1. Retrieve your cartography, including floorplans, POIs and geofences, from your mobile apps.
  2. Compute your indoor & outdoor geolocation, including building, floor, latitude-longitude and orientation.
  3. Compute a route from point A to B: shortest route, accessible-friendly route…
  4. Retrieve turn-by-turn indications and show them to your users.
  5. Build your own visualizations & interactions: Situm SDK will provide you all the data you need!
Situm SDKs are available for Android (native), iOS (native), Cordova, React Native and Capacitor.

Web APIs & widgets #

Rest APIs #

Situm offers a full CRUD REST APIs to manage and consume all your information programmatically: cartography, geolocations, etc.

  • Retrieve your cartography, including floorplans, POIs and geofences, from any system. You may enrich your webpage or digital kiosks with beautiful maps and POI directories, or provide your visitors with turn by turn wayfinding directions from any digital kiosk.
  • Retrieve indoor & outdoor geolocation data: historical or in real time. You may integrate out-of-the-box geospatial analytics such as heatmaps, trajectories, or geofencing-based reports in your web apps and BI dashboards.

Javascript SDK (Situm JS SDK) #

Situm also offers a Javascript SDK that allows you to consume all Situm REST APIs from Javascript applications easily. Situm JS SDK is a JavaScript library specially designed build geospatial web applications leveraging on Situm cartography without much effort.

You will be able to create, read, update and delete Situm cartography elements such as floorplans, points of interest and geofences. With this library, you will also be able to retrieve geospatial data such as the real-time geolocations of the users in your building.  In other words, you will be able to bring all the cartography and geodata to your web applications: from showing indoor maps to your webpage visitors, to building indoor shop directories for you digital kiosks.

Under the hood, Situm JS SDK is implemented with Typescript, which will boost your developing experience with features as like type-checking, code completion and IntelliSense in your IDEs and code editors. 

Map viewer #

Situm Map Viewer is a web widget that can be easily integrated in any website (desktop, mobile, kiosk). You can see how it looks below (more info here).

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