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Situm Map Viewer is a web based indoor cartography visualizer that you can integrate in your website or kiosk with a mere 5-line code snippet

Map Viewer doesn’t just show you the way—it brings the entire building to life. From base floorplans to points of interest, it provides a comprehensive view of your surroundings, and even generates the quickest routes between two points. Plus, with its 2.5D feature capability using GeoJSON / IMDF maps, it brings a whole new dimension to indoor navigation. 

Broad map formats support #

The Map Viewer supports many map formats & visualization options, such as GeoJSON/IMDF, raster tiles and raster maps support. This allows us to display high resolution and 2.5D maps easily.

POI display and clustering #

The Map Viewer is able to display the location of POIs configured in Situm Dashboard. Not only that, it also implements an intelligent clustering algorithm that shows/hides POIs based on their density at different zoom levels, to avoid cluttering the view.

POI search bar, category filtering and rich info display #

It also has a POI search bar where users can easily type the name of any POI they want to find. When the user clicks on a POI, a menu with rich information (text, videos, images…) appears. Additionally, POIs can be filtered out from the view based on their category/subcategory.

Static wayfinding #

One of the most important features is the ability to select two POIs and compute the fastest routes between them. A ‘breadcrumb trail’ clearly shows the route and provides indications on the remaining time and distance, even if the route traverses several floors.

Tailored user experience with High Configurability #

The Map Viewer focuses on personalization, offering wide-ranging customization to suit individual user needs. From adjusting initial map views and controlling visibility of interface elements like the POI searcher or category filters, to setting POI display limits for a cleaner interface or a more detailed view. Beyond these, users can also tailor the aesthetics, personalizing base map styles (e.g. dark mode), POI name color, route color and animation, and shading color of the selected POI. In essence, it is highly adaptable, allowing users to tailor their navigation experience to their unique preferences.

Multilingual Interface #

Recognizing the diverse needs of our global user base, the Map Viewer interface has been translated into eight languages (more coming soon!): Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, and Hebrew, ensuring a comfortable user experience for a wide range of users across different regions, both for LeftToRight and RightToLeft languages.

We’ve also made the cartographic elements and their content translatable to any language.

Indications #

Map Viewer automatically generates a set of comprehensive step-by-step instructions between two map points, establishing a path that streamlines the user’s journey from the starting location to the chosen destination. indications may point out the presence of previously configured landmarks such as security checkpoint.

Routes and Navigation #

The Map Viewer has the ability to generate routes between two given points. These points can be two points of interest selected by the user or the user’s own position and a destination they want to reach. These routes can be generated following different criteria, such as calculating the shortest path, the healthiest path (avoiding elevators), or routes accessible to people with reduced mobility needs.

Once the route is generated, the user can select their preferred option (the shortest, most accessible, or healthiest route). After selecting the desired route, the Map Viewer provides detailed step-by-step instructions to guide the user accurately. These instructions are explanatory and are presented statically, allowing the user to navigate between them and even visualize them individually on the map.

After reviewing the instructions, if the user has chosen their position as the starting point, they have the option to start navigation. Upon doing so, the Map Viewer continuously updates the instructions based on the user’s current position, ensuring accurate guidance throughout the journey.

These directions, both before starting navigation and during it, use descriptive elements present in the route to effectively guide the user during their journey.

If the route passes close to a point of interest (POI), relevant information will be included in the corresponding direction to provide better guidance to the user.

These instructions are customizable in the following ways:

  1. Global distance: Globally set the coverage area for each point of interest (POI).
  2. POI distance: Customize whether the information of a POI is added to directions or not.
  3. Priority POI: Include important information by prioritizing selected POIs, along with their coverage area.
  4. Floor transitions: Specify how the user should make transitions between floors.

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