02 – Map Viewer features

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Situm Map Viewer is a web based indoor cartography visualizer that you can integrate in your mobile app, website or kiosk in no time.

PlatformHow to integrate
MobileVisual Mobile SDKs for Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, Cordova, and Capacitor (if you need bluedot) or iframe (if you don’t)

Interactive 2D/3D maps with 3D object support #

The Map Viewer supports many map formats & visualization options, such as GeoJSON/IMDF, raster tiles and raster maps support. This allows us to display high resolution and 2.5D maps easily. Also, it is possible to customize the GeoJSON/IMDF maps, adjusting various style aspects such as polygon color, extrusion height, transparency, and separation between polygons. Additionally, you can customize the style of the background world map to seamlessly integrate and visually complement your venue map.

The viewer also supports the display of 3D objects, ranging from common architectural elements like elevators and stairs to venue-specific items such as airplanes in airports or sculptures in museums. It handles 3D models in the widely-used GLTF and GLB formats, ensuring broad compatibility and ease of integration. This feature enhances the visual and navigational experience by providing a realistic representation of physical spaces in various environments.

POI search bar, category filtering, clustering and rich info display #

The Map Viewer also has a POI search bar where users can easily type the name of any POI they want to find. When the user clicks on a POI, a menu with rich information (text, videos, images…) appears. Additionally, POIs can be filtered out from the view based on their category/subcategory.

It also iss able to display the location of POIs configured in Situm Dashboard. Not only that, it also implements an intelligent clustering algorithm that shows/hides POIs based on their density at different zoom levels and their configured priority, to avoid cluttering the view.

Static and dynamic wayfinding #

One of the most important features is the ability to compute routes between the user current location (when bluedot is available) or between any two POIs (using one of them as origin). A ‘breadcrumb trail’ clearly shows the route and provides indications on the remaining time and distance, even if the route traverses several floors.

The viewer automatically generates a set of comprehensive step-by-step instructions between two map points, establishing a path that streamlines the user’s journey from the starting location to the chosen destination. indications may point out the presence of previously configured landmarks such as security checkpoints or special POIs (e.g. “Go ahead for 100 meters to the central plaza” and “Change to floor 1 through the elevator”). For more information review the following link

These routes can be generated following different criteria, such as calculating the shortest path, the healthiest path (avoiding elevators), or routes accessible to people with reduced mobility needs.

Finally, when you start navigation (if you have bluedot), you can receive turn-by-turn indications that update as you move.

Highly customizable #

The Map Viewer is designed for extensive customization, enabling users to fully tailor the navigation and visual experience according to their specific needs. Users can adjust everything from the initial view settings of the map, such as zoom, inclination, and orientation, to the detailed aesthetics of the interface.

This includes customizing base map styles (like dark mode), adjusting the color and animation of routes, and setting the visibility and style of interface elements such as logos, POI menus, and category filters. Additional customization options allow for the modification of button shapes, font sizes for POI names, and even the use of custom fonts. Camera controls offer further personalization by managing zoom levels and initial perspectives, ensuring that each user’s interaction is as intuitive and efficient as possible. With these capabilities, the Map Viewer not only enhances usability but also ensures that the map interface integrates seamlessly with the branding and style specific to each venue or application.

Multilingual Interface #

Recognizing the diverse needs of our global user base, the Map Viewer interface has been translated into many languages (more coming soon!), ensuring a comfortable user experience for a wide range of users across different regions, both for LeftToRight and RightToLeft languages.

We’ve also made the cartographic elements and their content translatable to any language.

Accessible #

The Map Viewer has enhanced accessibility features to better accommodate users with functional diversity, including those with visual impairments and mobility restrictions:

  1. High-Contrast User Interface: Designed to improve visibility for users with low vision by enhancing the contrast between text and background elements.
  2. Screen Reader Compatibility: Fully supports screen readers like TalkBack for Android and VoiceOver for iOS, providing audio-guided navigation to assist users who are blind or have severe visual impairments.
  3. Wheelchair Friendly Routes: Ensures navigation routes are accessible for wheelchair users, avoiding physical barriers and directing users along ramps and spacious corridors.

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