04 – Query params

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Situm Map Viewer offers a wide set of query parameters that can be used to adapt it to any needs. As an example, you may use an URL like:


The following table summarizes the most important query params:

Query paramDescriptionDynamic / Static
emailCurrent user emailStatic
apikeyCurrent user API KEY. Use this endpoint or this Dashboard panel to get your api keys.Static
buildingidIndicates the selected building identifier. Use this endpoint to get your buildings ids.Dynamic*
flooridIndicates the selected floor identifier. Use this endpoint to get your floors ids.Dynamic
poiidIndicates the selected POI identifier. Use this endpoint to get your POIs ids.Dynamic
navigation_toIndicates the destiny POI identifier in a route.Dynamic
navigation_fromIndicates the origin POI identifier in a route.Dynamic
lngSets the language of the UI. Supported values: en (English), es (Spanish), fr (French), pt (Portuguese), it (Italian), tr (Turkish), ar (Arabic) and he (Hebrew). If not provided, the browser locale will be used if available (fallback language is English).Static
rtlReceives a boolean that when it’s true make texts and layout elements adapt to right to left languages. If not specified, it is false by default.Static
lockCameraToBuildingThis boolean parameter controls the user’s exploration privilege within the canvas or world map. When set to true, it restricts navigation to the current building, limiting movement within its boundaries. Conversely, when set to false, users can freely explore the entire world map without restrictions. If not specified, it is true by default.Static
fpIndicates the POI identifier to be designated as a fixed POI. A fixed Point of Interest (POI) is a specific location identified by the provided identifier. Once designated as a fixed POI, this location maintains a consistent presence on the map, regardless of visibility settings or other configurations. It serves as a permanent and unchanging point for reference or focus.Dynamic

*While using the Map Viewer, some query params will be dynamically updated based on the actions performed by the user: this way, you may share the current state just by sharing the URL.

Email & apikey #

These two parameters are used together: they allow you to use your account and access to your organization’s available buildings.


buildingid & floorid #

These two parameters are used together: they trigger the display of the map in the specified floor that belongs to the specified building.

Building and floor visualization

poiid #

This parameter centers the view on the specified POI and shows the available information at the superior left corner. It usually goes with buildingid and floorid, which will autocomplete if missing.

POI visualization

navigation_to #

Situm Map Viewer allows you to ask for a route to different places: the destination POI is specified on the navigation_to query param. This parameter is always recommended to be used in combination with poiid.

Route destination selected

navigation_from #

When the destination is selected, only the origin is missing to finish the route calculation. To do this we have navigation_from, which specifies the POI where you are expected to be and you are starting to walk towards the destination.

Route origin selected

lng #

Use lng query param to force the User Interface to be on a specific locale language


rtl #

When it is true, the map Viewer will mirror the elements of the interface to adapt the UI to right to left languages. It is commonly used with lng=ar or lng=he.

Right to left layout

fp #

This parameter designates the specified POI as a fixed POI, guaranteeing its prominence on the map and establishing it as the origin for all route computations. It overrides the custom field hide when it is set to on_map, ensuring the fixed POI is always displayed on the map.

Fixed POI visualization

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