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Battery Settings #

If your app implements a tracking use case, it will probably need to run for hours in the background. However, by default Android may prevent apps to run for long periods of time in order to save battery. You may disable this Android feature by:

  1. Disabling the Power Saver mode in your smartphone.
  2. Disabling the battery optimization feature for your app.

Disable Power Saver mode #

You may disable the Power Saver mode in Settings > Battery > Power Saver > Disable. The specific route may vary depending on the Android version.

Disable Battery optimization for your app #

You will need to deactivate the battery optimization option for your app. This action can be performed by choosing Battery > Advance Settings > Optimize battery use > Don’t optimize on the Settings menu.

WiFi scan throttling (Android 10 and onwards) #

Disabling WiFi Throttling from the Developer options #

One way to disable WiFi Throttling is through the Android Developer Options. First of all, you must turn on these options by going to Settings > About Phone. Then, tap on the menu called “Build Number” 7 times until a pop-up message indicates that the “Developer mode has been enabled”.

Then, go back to System settings and access the Developer Options that have been enabledOn Networking deactivate the WiFi scan throttling.

Disabling WiFi Throttling with ADB #

As an alternative to the previous process, you may also disable WiFi Throttling in your device by using ADB. First of all, you should install and get ADB running on your computer. Then, connect your smartphone to your computer via USB and introduce the following command in your favorite console:

adb shell settings put global wifi_scan_throttle_enabled

Enabling Wifi & Bluetooth scanning #

In order to scan WiFi and BLE signals correctly, you must allow scanning WiFi networks and Bluetooth beacons in Settings > Location > Wi-fi and Bluetooth scanning and activate Wifi & Bluetooth scanning.

Clearing your app’s cache #

Sometimes, the data in your cache may become corrupt and you may want to clear it. Hold down your app icon (Situm MRM Tracker in this example) and click on App info > Storage usage > Clear cache & clear data.

Finally, login into your app again.

Disabling unrestricted mobile data #

Tracking apps usually need to communicate continuously with Situm Platform (in the cloud) in order to upload the users’ geolocations in real time. Android OS may restrict these communications if your smartphone has the Data saver option enabled. We highly recommend disabling this option for these kinds of apps.

To do so, go to Settings > Connections > Data usage. Then, deactivate the Data Saver.

Enabling the unrestricted data usage and background data usage #

Additionally, we also recommend enabled the following:

  • Background data usage
  • Data usage while Data saver is on

You may do this from Settings > Mobile network > Mobile data.

Then, search the App (Situm Mapping Tool in this example) and enable the Background data.


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