02 – Registration and account management

Registration #

You can register in Situm Dashboard by clicking on the “Join now!” button.

  1. You will need to input a valid email address and a password to create your account.
  2. Choose between the two main Situm flavours depending on what you want to use: Wayfinding or Tracking.
  3. Accept the Situm Master Subscription Agreement and Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy and optionally subscribe to Situm’s newsletter.
  4. Finally, click on “Create my account”.
Join Situm Dashboard

Account verification #

After the registration, we will send a verification email to your account (if you do not receive it, please check your SPAM folder).  You should open the email, click on “Verify” and follow the instructions on the email in order to verify you account. 

Account verification

First steps tutorial #

The first time that you log in the Dashboard with your newly created account, you will be prompted an step-by-step tutorial. We recommend you to follow it, since it will guide you through the steps to create your first building, calibrate it and start providing wayfinding to your visitors or tracking your workforce.

First steps tutorial

If you ever want to re-play this tutorial, click on the dialogs shown in the following image.

First steps

Organization: Customize logos & colours #

By going to the Section “My organization”, Situm allows you to customize your logos & colours.

You may change this by clicking on the My Organization section as shown below.

My organization
Colours organization

Customizing your organization name #

You may change your organization’s name in the “Organization name” section. The main effect is that this name will be returned as part of your organization information through Situm APIs.

Customizing your organization icons #

You may change your organization’s icons in the “Organization name” section.

You may change the Favicon (browser’s tab icon (1)) and Theme Image (main icon(2)). The effect is shown in the following image.

Customizing your organization colours #

Finally, you will be able to choose the colour you want to display in the panels.  

  • Primary colour: it will change the colour of the side and top bar of all menus in the dashboard.
  • Secondary colour: it will change the colour of the icons text in the dashboard.
  • Success colour: it will change the colour on the New Building / New Floor Menus as well as the colour of the Create button.
  • Warning colour: it will change the colour of elements like the Cancel button.
  • Danger colour: it will change the colour of elements like Trash bin icon (delete).
  • Info colour: it will change the colour of elements like the pencil icon (edit) and also the Update button.

As shown in the following image, this will change the colours shown in the Dashboard. In this case, you can see changes of primary, secondary colour and danger colours.

Restoring the default theme #

In case you’d like to restore theme to default, you can always click on ‘Restore default colors and images‘ back in the theme menu and it will automatically revert.

Profile: Manage account, language and API KEYs #

You may customize your language, credentials and newsletter subscription in your account profile. You may change this by clicking on the My Profile section as shown below.

My profile

This will take you to a new page, in which you will be able to change:

  1. Language. It can be changed from English to Spanish and vice-versa.
  2. Password. To change your password, you will need to type in your current password and then the new one. Don’t forget to click on the “Update password” button afterwards!
  3. API Keys. In this section, you can manage your API keys or create new ones. API keys are “Read-only” by default but you may change them to “Read/Write” by clicking on the “Edit” button.  
  4. Newsletter. You can manage your subscription to Situm’s newsletter.
  5. Remove account. If you want to permanently delete your Situm Dashboard account.
Remove account

Subscribe to our newsletter


Data controller: SITUM TECHNOLOGIES, S.L.
Contact: Data controller: situm@situm.es
Responsible for protection: dpo@situm.es
Purpose and legal basis: To manage the sending of SITUM newsletters only with consent.
Legitimation: Express consent of the interested party.
Recipients: The data will not be passed on to third parties with the exception of legal obligations.
Retention period: As long as the interested party remains subscribed to the newsletter (a link to unsubscribe will be available in each newsletter sent by Situm).
Rights: The interested party may at any time revoke their consent, as well as exercise their rights of opposition, access, conservation, rectification, limitation, deletion of data and not be subject to a decision based only on automated data processing, by writing to SITUM at the addresses indicated.
Additional Information: You can consult additional and detailed information on Data Protection in our privacy policy.

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