08 – Internationalization

You might want to provide your application in different languages. To this extent, Situm SDK supports internationalization of three elements:

  • Turn-by-turn indications, so you can provide guidance to your users in their native language, either by displaying the indications in text or voice format.
  • Name and information of Buildings, POIs and Floors.
  • Name of POI categories in two languages (primary & secondary).

Turn-by-turn indications #

Currently, the following languages are available: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew and Portuguese. When retrieving turn-by-turn indications, Situm SDK will provide them in the user locale language, as long as this language is supported. Otherwise, indications will be provided in English.

If you have further language requirements, please let us know and we can show you how to achieve them. 

Buildings, POIs and Floors #

Please note! Building, POI and floor internationalization works in Situm SDKs (Android v>= 2.80.1, iOS v>= 2.54.0, Cordova and React Native comming soon).

Situm supports internationalization of some cartography elements:

  • Building: name, address and information.
  • Floor: name.
  • POI: name and information.

You may configure this information in different languages using Situm Dashboard as explained here. Once you do, Situm SDK will return these elements translated into the smartphone locale language. If the locale language is not specified by a custom-field, English will be used as a fallback.

Example #

In the following example, we have created a building called “My Building” with the following information and custom-fields:

Name: “My Building”

Address: “My address”

Description: “Some building info …”

Custom fields:
* name_es: “Mi edificio”
* name_ar: “بنايتي”
* description_es: “Mi dirección”.
* description_ar: “عنواني”
* info_es: Alguna información sobre el edificio
* info_ar: “بعض معلومات البناء …”
Name: “GRND”

Custom fields:
* name_es: “BAJO”
* name_ar: “ب.”
Name: “Parking”.

Info: “Opening hours: 08:00 – 23:00”.

Custom fields:
* name_es: “Aparcamiento”
* name_ar: “موقف سيارات”
* info_es: “Horario: 08:00 – 23:00”
* info_ar: “ساعات عمل مواقف السيارات: 08:00 – 23:00”

The following image shows how the building information would look like in Situm Dashboard:

Internationalizing the building information on Situm Dashboard

If we download the building information and print it on a log (e.g. following the code example in the Cartography section), we will see the following when the smartphone locale is Spanish rather than English.

2022-12-23 13:15:31.049 14649-14649/com.example.basicwyfapp I/MainActivity: BuildingBasicInfo = [ ... name='Mi edificio', address='Mi dirección', infoHtml='Alguna información sobre el edificio ...', ...]
I/MainActivity: floor = [Floor{... name='BAJO', ...]
I/MainActivity: indoorPoi = [Poi{name='Aparcamiento', infoHtml='Horario: 08:00 - 23:00', ...}

Similarly, the above mentioned fields will be translated to Arabic if we change the smartphone’s locale accordingly. If the language is English or any other language, English will be used.

POI categories #

Please note! POI category internationalization works in Android and iOS SDKs (Cordova and React Native comming soon).

Custom POI categories can also be internationalized, although only in a primary and secondary language. To configure these languages, you may use Situm Dashboard POI Category configuration screen. Once you do, you may access to the secondary name by using the appropriate SDK methods ( Android, iOS, Cordova, React Native).

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