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Situm MRM is an Android app that allows companies to:

  • Monitor the geolocation of the workforce staff both indoors and outdoors.
  • Detect and communicate dangerous situations and geolocated alarms.
  • Plan and monitor their work through geolocated patrols and tasks.

Installation, login and logout #

Installation #

To use Situm MRM Tracker, download and install it. This app is available for download on the Play Store at the following link. You can see the compatibility of MRM Situm in the next link.

Log in #

After installing it, enter your credentials in the login screen (these credentials are the ones that you have created when registering in Situm Dashboard or when your user was created by an account administrator).

  • Email: Enter a valid email account.
  • Password: Enter your password (we recommend using a secure password that is easy to remember).
  • Press the button

Log out #

Click on the three vertical points in the upper right corner (1) of the screen and then on Logout now (2):


Positioning #

There are two ways to use this application:

  • Positioning with patrols:  this option would be available if you are assigned to a building that has some patrols previously created in your Situm Dashboard account.
  • Positioning without patrols: this option is used to position users who do not have patrols assigned or created patrols.

If you select a patrol or start without it and everything works correctly, the following green icon will appear at the top of the screen:

On the contrary, when the app or the terminal has NOT been configured correctly, an error message with a red background will appear.

Below you will find some of the meanings to the different error messages:

  • No connection: The device does not have connection to the Internet. 
  • User not in building: The device is not inside the building that has been assigned to it through the Situm Dashboard. This message only appears in Building Mode.
  • Building model download error: If a network error were to occur during positioning, this error might show up. In this case, the best solution is to log out from the application, check if mobile data is active, clear the app cache in Settings and log back in. 
  • Starting positioning: This message appears when the system starts and has not yet achieved a reliable position.
  • The building is not found:  This message is displayed when the user has not been assigned to the building and therefore does not have permission to access it. The best way to fix it is by checking that the user has a building assigned in Situm Dashboard and then logging out of the mobile application and logging in again.

Positioning with patrols #

If the user is assigned to a building that has some patrols previously created in your Situm Dashboard account, when you enter the application you will see all of them as in the following figure. In this screen, the user can select any Patrol to which they have access.

If the user clicks on a patrol, you will enter a screen that shows all the checkpoints. You should have all the buildings included in the patrol assigned to your account. Otherwise, you will not be able to select said patrol.

If the user clicks on Start, patrol execution will begin (1). When the user goes through a checkpoint, the phone will vibrate and the point will turn blue (2).


If for a however reason the app does not register automatically a certain checkpoint, the user may check it manually with the following drop-down menu:

By clicking on it, the user will see the option to complete the checkpoint and add a justification:

In case the user wants to cancel the round or has a problem, at the bottom, he will find three options:

a) Cancel patrol. Allows canceling the patrol (optionally introducing a reason). You may also continue the patrol.

b) Alarm: Send a geolocated alarm (panic button) to Situm Dashboard. This alarm will be shown in the Real-Time panel and the Alarms Report

c) Add incident: Sometimes, during a patrol incidents may happen and the user may want to report them. For instance, you might see an extinguisher that should be checked or an attack is going on. These reports will be shown in the Patrol Report. The user may introduce them in the following window.

Positioning without patrols #

In case no patrol has been created in your building (Option 1) or you want to use localization in a building with patrols created (Option 2) when your login is done you will see one of the following screens.

Option 1
Option 2

If everything works correctly, an OK icon with a green background will appear on the right-top screen. On the contrary, when the App or the terminal has NOT been configured correctly, an error message with a red background will appear, as it is explained in Positioning with patrols.

Alarms #

Situm MRM app allows sending geolocated alarms to Situm Dashboard. These alarms will be shown in the Real Time panel and the Alarms Report. There are three types of alarms:

Panic button #

At the bottom of the screen, Situm MRM shows an “Alarm” button. If you press it, an alarm will be sent to Situm Platform.

TapTapTap alarm #

Sometimes, you will not have time to unlock your screen and press the Panic button. In this case, you can just hit firmly the smartphone three times with the palm of your hand. Hence the name: tap-tap-tap.

Man Down alarm #

Hopefully, you will never have an accident. If you have one, Situm MRM might be able to send a geolocation alarm to your colleagues. In the background, Situm MRM tries to detect events of strong accelerations (indicating a fall) and a period of inactivity afterwards (indicating that you might be laying on the ground). If such an event is detected, an alarm will be sent to Situm Dashboard.

Stationary Alarm #

This alarm is not implemented by default in the MRM. If you need it, please contact us to see how to implement it.

It works as follows:

  • Following the example of the previous image, if the user remains more than 500 seconds inside the geofence it will launch the alarm and if the user leaves it punctually he has 120 seconds so that the time is not repeated.

Visualization in the App #

Depending on how you have configured the notifications in the terminal, an acoustic and vibrating signal can be launched to warn the user.

Display on the Dashboard #

Once the alarm has been executed, it shall be displayed on Dashboard.

And it can also be selected from Alarm Reports.

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