02 – Situm Platform features

This section summarizes the most important Situm Platform features. It will be divided in the following sections:

  • Maps. Show your 2D/3D venue floorplans in an interactive viewer, decorate them with 3D ornamental objects, display POI rich information (text, images, videos…) and manage everything from an intuitive CMS.
  • Wayfinding. Allow visitors to find the places they’re looking for and provide turn-by-turn navigation to them.
  • Positioning. Deliver highly accurate indoor & outdoor geolocation with minimal infrastructure in your mobile apps.
  • Analytics. Extract value from geolocation KPIs: most searched POIs, most popular routes, most visited areas, heatmaps, trajectories…
  • Integration. Bring all these feature to websites, kiosks and mobile apps, thanks to our REST APIs, Web SDKs and Mobile SDKs (Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, Cordova, Capacitor).

Maps #

Situm allows to easily show the floorplans of your venue in mobile apps, websites and kiosks. The most relevant features are:

Interactive 2D/3D Maps– Show your venue cartography in several 2D/3D formats: regular images, high-res tiles, GeoJSON and IMDF.
– Allow visitors to interact with the map (zoom-in, rotate…), search points of interest, see their information…
– Compatible with mobile apps, websites and kiosks.
3D objects– Display 3D objects, from regular ornamental elements (e.g. elevators, stairs, plants…) to others specifically tailored for your venue (planes in airports, sculptures in museums, animals in a zoo…).
– Compatible formats: GLTF, GLB
Cartography CMS– Manage your building cartography, such as floorplans, points of interest, navigation routes and geofences.
– Configure the venue paths and their type (shortest, wheelchair friendly, private/public, etc.) through which visitors will be guided.
– Associate rich information to POIs such as text descriptions, images, videos, etc.
– Manage POI categories and customize their icons
UI personalizationFully adapt the UI to your needs and look and feel:
– Show your logo
– Configure an style theme: colors of buttons, icons, and other elements, roundness of buttons / widgets, etc.
– POI styles: font color, highlighted aura style, name font size, etc.
– Route styles: color of the route and the route animation, size of route dots, spacing between route dots, etc.
– Use your custom fonts
– Show/hide UI widgets
– Manage camera view: maximum and minimum allowed zoom level, the initial perspective of your venue, etc.
Floorplan personalization– Easily apply styles to your GeoJSON/IMDF maps, such as the color of each polygon, extrusion height, transparency, separation between polygons, etc.
– Customize the style of the background world map over which your venue map will be represented.
Works offlineCartography is downloaded and stored locally on the device, so everything keeps working even if no internet connection is available.
VIP POIs– You can highlight some POIs over others.
– An intelligent algorithm decides (based on your preferences) which POIs to show at each zoom level to ensure a pleasant view of your venue.
– You can customize several aspects of this experience, such as the density of POIs allowed or the importance of each POI.
Favorite POIsVisitors may store their favorite POIs to easily find them later
Multi-language and RTL compatible– 18 languages available (and increasing!): arabic, bulgarian, catalan, german, english, spanish, euskera, farsi (persian), frech, hebrew, hungarian, italian, japanese, dutch, polish, portuguese, turkish, vietnamese.
– Support for Right-To-Left languages and UIs.
– On-demand addition of new languages within 48 hours.
AccessibleFully adapted to users with functional diversity:
– High-contrast UI
– Screen reader compatibility (Talkback/VoiceOver)
– Wheelchair friendly routes
No map? No problem!We also help you if you want to digitize your maps and/or convert their format (e.g. from PDF or CAD to GeoJSON).

Wayfinding #

On top of showing maps, Situm allows visitors to search their favorite POIs and providing turn-by-turn directions. The most relevant features are:

Static and dynamic navigation– In web browsers and kiosks we provide POI-to-POI.
– In mobile apps there’s indoor/outdoor positioning, so we can also provide real-time navigation.
– Routes are displayed on top of the floorplan and turn-by-turn indications are also provided.
Shortest, wheelchair friendly, healthy and custom-routesSeveral types of routes are available:
– Shortest: fastest route between origin and destination
– Wheelchair friendly: avoids non-accessible parts of the venue (e.g. stairs)
– Healthy: prioritizes using stairs over elevators
– Custom-routes: you may also assign custom tags to different wayfinding paths and compute routes that include/exclude those tags (e.g. “private” vs “public” routes)
Turn-by-turn intelligent indicationsNavigation is complemented by a set of indications (“turn right”, “Advance 100 meters until the coffee shop and then turn left”, etc.) so the user knows where to go and how to get there.
Automatic re-routingWhen the user walks away from the current route, a new one is computed automatically.
Intelligent POI search with category filtering– Users can easily find the POIs they’re looking for, either by typing on a search bar or filtering by POI category/subcategory.
– An intelligent algorithm (robust to typos!) suggests the most relevant results based both on the POI names and descriptions.
– Closest relevant POIs are shown first, indicating the distance and estimated walking time to each result.
Customizable wayfinding experienceSeveral aspects of the wayfinding experience can be personalized:
– Distance to reach destination.
– Separation from the route to re-compute it.
– Relevant POIs that will be mentioned in the indications.
Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)ETA to each destination is always shown, and updated dynamically when indoor positioning is available, as the user approaches the destination.
Find my carVisitors can mark where they’ve parked their car, so they can easily find it on the map or using the POI search bar.
Kiosk modeOn kiosks, all routes are computed from the kiosk location automatically. Also, a “You’re here” sign is shown to help users locate themselves on the venue.
Geofencing– Easily detect when an user enters/exits a geofence.
– This allows you to greet him when entering the venue, to show her a coupon (this must be done by your app), build gamification flows…
QR sharing– Deploy QR codes in strategic places: visitors will be able to open them, view the maps and never get lost again.
– After computing a route on a kiosk, visitors can catch it and continue in their mobile phone

Positioning #

Situm complements maps and wayfinding with a highly accurate indoor & outdoor positioning service. The most relevant features are:

Indoor & outdoor geolocation for Android & iOSPositioning works both indoors & outdoors with smooth indoor-outdoor transitions.
High accuracy with minimal infrastructure– Average accuracy from 1-5 meters with a minimal number of beacons.
– No beacons required for Android tracking apps (WiFi required in the venue).
– Outdoor geolocation does not need any infrastructure.
Automatic floor detectionThe floor where the user is or has transitioned to is automatically detected within seconds
3D orientation estimation & AR compatibleFull orientation (yaw, pitch, roll) is provided, enhancing the accuracy of AR apps
Works offlineAll positioning computing is performed in the smartphone, with no need to continuously access the internet.
Battle tested for tracking– Able to work continuously when the smartphone is on the pocket, generating 1 location per second for geolocation analytics.
– Able to store geolocation data locally to upload it to the cloud when internet connection is available.
Easy to deployThanks to our app Situm Mapping Tool, configuring a new venue is just a matter of walking around it, pinpointing where you are from time to time (fingerprinting).

Analytics #

Finally, Situm can store the computed geolocations and user interactions to provide analytics and KPIs. The most relevant features are:

Know your visitorsKnow your users habits: most search POIs, preferred routes, most visited areas, etc.
HeatmapsSee at a glance the most visited places on top of the maps.
TrajectoriesKnow exactly how an user has moved throughout the venue.
Stay timesKnow how much time each user (or all of them aggregated) spends in each area of the venue and the number of times they’ve been in each of them.
Patrol compliance– Manage the patrols or work rounds that your personnel needs to perform.
– Monitor & demonstrate compliance of KPIs.
BI friendly APIsAll the analytics can be integrated with your own software via REST APIs, as well as with Business Intelligence tools such as PowerBI or Tableau.
On-demand KPIsDon’t you see your KPI? We can generate tailored geoanalytics for you!

Integration #

Maps, wayfinding, positioning and analytics. Everything can be easily integrated with our mobile and web SDKs. The most relevant features are:

Visual Mobile SDKs– Bring maps, wayfinding and geolocation to your Android & iOS apps
– Include a highly customizable out-of-the-box map visualization and wayfinding user interface in a few lines of code
– Many platforms supported: Android (native), iOS (native), React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Capacitor.
– Don’t you see your platform? No problem, just wrap the Android/iOS native SDKs and you’ll be ready to go
Web SDKs & REST APIs– Copy & paste an iframe and you’ll have our Map Viewer in your kiosk or website
– Interact with it using our PostMessage API
– Integrate cartography & geodata using our REST APIs and Javascript SDK
BI friendlyFull compatibility with your favorite Business Intelligence tool thanks to our REST APIs

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