02 – Situm WYF features

Please note! Our app Situm Mapping Tool uses Situm WYF underneath. If you integrate Situm WYF in your app, you’ll obtain a similar experience to that provided by Situm Mapping Tool in your building

Situm WYF is a Plug-and-play UX component that will allow you to bring wayfinding capabilities to your apps in no-time. It includes, out of the box:

  • Cartography visualization: floorplans & points of interest (POIs).
  • POI search directory, so you can easily have a search bar for any important places of your building.
  • Indoor & outdoor geolocation, plus wayfinding with different types of route settings (shortest route, accessible routes only, etc.).
  • Turn-by-turn wayfinding directions. 3 flavours are available: visual indications, text directions and voice directions (for people with visual impairments). Voice directions Android only, iOS comming soon.
  • Geotriggered notifications (Android only, iOS comming soon): send a greeting to your visitors or a geopromotion to your customers.
Situm WYF comes with ready-to-integrate prebuilt screens so you can show floorplans, user geolocation, routes and more.

Situm WYF is available as a module for Android, iOS, React Native, Capacitor, Flutter and Cordova*. Since it is based on Situm SDK, its requirements with regard to devices, OS/Framework versions and architectures are the same as those of Situm SDK.

React Native

* We don’t recommend using Cordova at the moment. Use Capacitor instead.

Built-in cartography visualization #

Situm WYF includes a full-featured indoor cartography visualizer. With a few lines of code, you’ll be able to:

  • Show all the buildings of your account on top of a World map.
  • Visualize the floorplans of each building, accurately georreferenced to their location (as configured in Situm Dashboard). Situm WYF also includes a floor selector that allows the user to switch the view between floors.
  • Show all the POIs of the building, each represented by its category icon and its name floating on top.

Bluedot & orientation animation #

Situm WYF not only computes location & orientation, but it also shows it on a nice way. This means:

  • Location & orientation are represented using carefully designed icons.
  • Location accuracy is represented by a circle around the location, representing positioning error. This circle is continuously updated.
  • Location & orientation updates are carefully animated, to provide a smooth positioning visualization experience.

POI search & list bar #

Situm WYF includes an out-of-the-box POI search bar. You may search by POI name and all the matching POIs will be displayed. When clicking on a POI, it will be highlighted and the map view will be centered on it.

Route visualization, turn-by-turn indications and E.T.A. #

Situm WYF allows the user to compute routes to POIs or any other area within the building.

  • The route is visualized using a “breadcrumb” style.
  • Turn-by-turn directions are also shown in a nice disposition.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (E.T.A) and distance left to goal is also shown.

Positioning & wayfinding parameters fully configurable #

Situm WYF allows you to easily configure positioning and wayfinding parameters. You will be able to:

  • Positioning. You’ll be able to tune the same positioning parameters allowed by Situm SDK (which sensors to use, whether to upload geolocations to Situm Platforms, Building vs Global mode, etc.). Remote configuration of these parameters is also available.
  • Wayfinding. Similarly, you’ll be able to tune the routes and navigation experience with the same degree of flexibility that Situm SDK allows. You’ll be able to determine the types of routes to follow (e.g. accessible vs regular), tweak when to re-route the user, and even when & how to show turn-by-turn indications.

Pro Tip! Situm Mapping Tool uses Situm WYF underneath. You can test all the positioning & wayfinding configurations as shown here and here.

Available languages #

Situm can show menus, text strings in general and turn-by-turn indications specifically in seven different languages: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic and Hebrew. If you have further language requirements, we can also show you how to achieve them. Additionally, all Situm software supports Right-To-Left languages such as Arabic.

Situm WYF supports several languages, including RTL ones

Highly customizable UI #

Situm WYF can be customized to match your application look & feel. You’ll be able to:

  • Show it in full-screen or on a constrained part of the interface.
  • Show or hide UX components, such as the POI search bar, the floor selector, the positioning & routing Floating Action Buttons, etc.
  • Display your own UX components on top of the Situm WYF interface. A typical example is to build your own POI search bar.
  • Connect your UX components with Situm WYF to
    • Receive events generated by the library (including user gestures & interactions with it)
    • Send events to Situm WYF. For example, if you build your own POI search bar, you’ll want to center the view on a certain POI when the user clicks on it on your search bar. Situm WYF allows you to do this easily.
You can create your own UX components on top or along Situm WYF

You’ll also be able to adapt the logos & colours to your look and feel, including:

  • Showing your own logos.
  • Adapting the main colours to your colour palette.
  • Provide your own positioning & orientation icon.
  • Providing dark-mode-ready experiences
Situm WYF is compatible with dark mode

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