12 – User Permissions

Situm users may have different profiles, each of which may have different permissions in regards to what functionalities he can access, and how. This section explain how this profiles work, the types of profiles available and their relationship to the account flavor chosen when registering.

Available functionalities #

Not every Situm account has access by default to the same functionalities. It is important, however, to understand what functionalities your users can access in order to understand what kind of user profiles / permissions they have.

When you register in Situm, you’re prompted to choose between two types of accounts: wayfinding and tracking.

Additionally, note that other although not enabled by default in neither flavour, the Device Management functionality can be enabled by our Support team for you (they can also enable / disable other specific functionalities as per your request).

User types #

Situm Platform has 4 user profiles available:

  • Administrator: Has full permissions on the account across all the functionalities. Administrators can create users, see their location in the real-time panel, manage all the buildings in the account, etc.
  • User Manager: Has “administrator-like” permissions, but only on the buildings that have been assigned to him. This means, for example, that it will be able to manage the cartography / positioning on his assigned buildings, and even the users (e.g. their names) if they are assigned to these same buildings. However, this profile can’t perform this kind of operations on other buildings.
  • User: Will be able to consult data related to the buildings assigned to him.
  • Positioning: This user can’t log into the Situm Dashboard. However, it can be used for positioning in mobile apps (such as Situm MRM).

You may review how to create / configure each user type here. Please take into account that, as seen in the previous section, Wayfinding accounts don’t provide access to the user management functionality. This means that the only user profile available in Wayfinding accounts is the administrator.

Dashboard permissions #

The following table summarizes the permissions that each profile has, in relation to each Dashboard functionality:

Functionality / ProfileAdministratorUser Manager*User*Positioning*
Real-Time panelReadReadReadNot access
Cartography ManagementRead / WriteRead / WriteReadNot access
ReportsReadReadReadNot access
Infrastructure PanelReadReadNot accessNot access
Positioning ConfigurationRead / WriteRead / WriteNot accessNot access
User ManagementRead / WriteRead / WriteNot accessNot access
PatrolsRead / WriteRead / WriteNot accessNot access
Device ManagementRead / WriteRead / WriteNot accessNot access

*User manager, user and positioning only have permissions in the assigned buildings.

Positioning permissions #

All the user profiles (Administrator, User Manager, User and Positioning) can perform outdoor positioning and indoor positioning in their assigned buildings.

API permissions #

The REST maintains the same permissions specified in the Dashboard table, but for more detail see the Open API specification.

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