02 – Javascript SDK Changelog

Version 0.7.0 – November 3, 2023 #


  • Query params where not passed propertly from the external api to the internal state.


  • Add new compact view support for the buildings and pois endpoints. This new view allow to save bandwidth while fetching information.

Version 0.6.1 – August 18, 2023 #


  • Remove the email parameter in email/apikey authentication. Now you only need to specify a valid apikey.

Version 0.5.0 – May 26, 2023 #


  • Added cartesian coordinates to Poi instances.

Version 0.4.0 – March 30, 2023 #

  • SDKConfiguration may include an optional lang parameter to override the Accept-Language HTTP header. Fallsback to “en” if no language is provided. This avoids known issues when retrieving translated entities (bad translations due to sending arbitrary Accept-Language headers). Usage example:
const SitumSDK = require("@situm/sdk-js");
const situmSDK = new SitumSDK({
  auth: {
    apiKey: "MY-API-KEY",
    email: "MY-EMAIL",
  domain: "https://dashboard.situm.com",
  lang: "es",

Technically you could use any standard Accept-Language values but we recommend to stick to ISO_639-1, avoiding language variants. For example, don’t use “es-GB”, use “es” instead.

Version 0.3.0 – November 2, 2022 #


  • We added a new API endpoint to fetch the information for the current_organization endpoint which returns the data related to user’s current organization


  • When using custom domains we were handling the color and icons fetching in an incorrect way, so we added an adapter for Poi Categories.

Version 0.2.0 – April 24, 2022 #


  • Update dependencies: axios and qs, to get the latest bugfixes.


  • In order to get assisted coding in VS Code and supported editors, now we export types properly to dist/index.d.ts

Version 0.1.0 – March 21, 2022 #


  • Package building:
    • We have moved to rollup and esbuild as our internal build system. This allow us to faster builds and pluggable systems.
    • Generate cjs, umd and es5 builds, so this library can be used in old browsers and import it as a <script> tag (check our example).
  • Dependencies
    • Update to latest axios library version, to get the latest bugfixes.
    • We have removed the jwt_decode depencency and use built-in function, so we lower the package size
  • We have unified function names
    • Rename realtime.getUserPositions to realtime.getPositions
    • Rename SitumSDK.cartography.getFloorsOfBuildingId to SitumSDK.cartography.getFloors
    • Rename SitumSDK.cartography.updatePath to SitumSDK.cartography.patchPath
    • Rename SitumSDK.cartography.getPoisOfBuiding to SitumSDK.cartography.getPois, now supports filtering
    • Rename SitumSDK.cartography.searchGeofences to SitumSDK.cartography.getGeofences
  • Move SitumError class to utils
  • Avoid using a JS Proxy to resolve domains in the api base
  • Take mappers out from realtime domain class
  • Documentation
    • Added documentation for all domain methods
    • Improve typing system by using Typescript generics in the base API
    • Improved typedoc configuration to export symbols of internal domain classes


  • Disable injecting the SDK version through the User-Agent HTTP header for now, some browsers were crashing due to user-agent header being not writable.
  • There was a double check for User-Agent headers check in apiBase, we have removed the dulication
  • There was a double check or Content-Type header while building request headers
  • We force the internal classes to pass configuration Ensure to pass base configuration in the SitumSDK main class. We detected situations where the configuration was lost.

Version 0.0.5 – February 21, 2022 #


  • We have moved API to Object (functions to map server responses to TS objects) adapters into their separated forder
  • We added JSDoc Added JSDoc to all API wrappers
  • We have unified function names
    • Renamed SitumSDK.cartography.getFloorsOfBuilding to SitumSDK.cartography.getFloorsByBuildingId
    • Renamed SitumSDK.cartography.searchGeofences to SitumSDK.cartography.getGeofences


  • Crash in cartography fetch request due to improper server response handling

Version 0.0.4 – February 14, 2022 – 💌 edition #


  • API wrappers for the POI REST api


  • ES 2017 support

Version 0.0.1 – December 30, 2021 #

Hello World! This is the first version of the Situm Javascript SDK. Please bear in mind this is the first draft version. You must not use it as a production-ready package. We will publish further more stable versions.


  • Consumer wrappers for the SITUM REST API for buildings and their cartography (floors, geofences, pois, paths, events),
  • Users and fetching realtime positioning.
  • We also added multiple authentication methods

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