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6 advantages of facility management through an indoor location system, and 2 more if it is Situm

Facility management (FM) is defined as the activity that allows the integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop its services the effectiveness of its activities. Certainly, this is a big challenge in which our indoor location system can help (and a lot).

Indoor location systems for facility management

Indoor location systems for facility management through employee indoor location

Undoubtedly, the management of business spaces and their activities requires new tools. All experts agree that the only possible way to deal with a growing complexity is to make use of new technologies (ICT) and platforms that allow to have everything under control. Among all of them, the indoor location systems for employees tracking and monitoring has proved to be a very effective basis for improving the dynamics of modern facilities. They allow more coordinating in the use of space and staff organization. These solutions are designed for managers of airports, industries, shopping centers, hospitals or large corporations, among others.

Why implement indoor location systems for facility management?

1. It provides useful information about the activity of employees and the use of space to optimize processes and services

Where do employees move? How many employees are at each site and at each moment? How much time do they spend on the execution of the different tasks? The answer to these questions is valuable information that allows optimizing the processes by reorganizing both the spaces and the tasks of the workers.

2. Facilitates maintenance of facilities and equipment

Indoor positioning opens the door to task management by geolocation. It facilitates the fulfilment of these by notifications to the employees and automations of the processes.

3. Allows a better reaction to unforeseen events

Location and monitoring of employees in real time allows for the assignment of tasks or contingency resolutions to those employees who are closest to where their intervention is required.

4. Improves coordination between company staff and external suppliers

The company’s personnel know the facilities perfectly. They don’t waste time moving around, and they know where they can or cannot access. It’s different with external suppliers. An indoor location system allows you to share locations and routes with external suppliers. Access control is also reinforced by using geofences to delimit restricted areas.

5. Increases security of facilities and employees

Access control increases the safety of the facilities, and continuous tracking also helps to determine the responsibilities in certain accidents. If an employee has suffered an accident where he or she should not have been, it can become a waiver for the company.

6. Improves the capacity to respond to changes

The world of facility management involves constant adaptation to change. The management of large spaces in times of pandemic is the best example, when a medium-term planning of facilities and people’s activity becomes essential.

2 more advantages if you implement the indoor location system with Situm

The value of an indoor positioning system for facility management is unquestionable, but not all systems are the same, and we highlight two decisive reasons to do it with Situm.

1. The core technology

An algorithm that collects pre-existing information in buildings (magnetic fields, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) and combines it with data from mobile phone inertial sensors to position the user.

2. A ready-to-use solution for managing employees by geolocation

Situm MRM enables workforce management through geolocation with the Dashboard, a single control panel for:

  • View all tracked employees on a single screen.
  • Receive notifications of intelligent Man Down and Panic Button alerts when the system detects them.
  • Consult analytics on deployed personnel, trajectories or duration of stay among others.
  • Define geofences to obtain specific analitycs or identify users who have accessed through the polygonal geofence tool.

In addition, Situm MRM can be complemented with Situm’s indoor navigation  solutions. This will improve service externally and work more effectively internally. This is the best way to avoid costs in signage or poor distribution of customer service staff.

For more information on how to simplify, automate and improve facility management tasks, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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