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For which facility management services and tasks can indoor location be used?

Each business space is a “microworld” with its own personality. Despite this, there are services and tasks common to all of them. Coordinating all these activities is a real challenge for all managers, and a robust indoor positioning system can greatly improve services and reduce costs. Here are some examples where indoor location is used for facility management.

Facility management teams have combined techniques, both quantitative and qualitative, in their goal to modernize the maintenance of business spaces. To do so, they spend their time and money on expensive technological improvements, new maintenance systems, staff recruitment… but, in most cases, they have not achieved the expected result. We know that there is no “magic” solution to ease the performance of these daily tasks, but there are certainly more successful ways than others.

Therefore, before making a significant investment or increasing the hiring of services or personnel, it is necessary to analyze the effectiveness of those who are available, to see if their distribution is ideal and their rate of performance. In many cases, without expanding or investing more, there is a wide margin for improvement. This requires a tool that allows auditing of the activity in the business space. Situm MRM is a system that ensures total knowledge of the activity indoors in real-time. Thus, once this information is available and the necessary measures are taken to improve, profitability also improves by up to 30%, according to our experience.

Situm MRM, the indoor positioning system for employee management by geolocation

To ensure that the facility management team keeps everything under control, we propose our employee’s indoor location and monitoring tool Situm MRM. Our system is adapted to any company or industry that needs to organize maintenance work and monitor the activity of its mobile staff in a large indoor space.

Situm, the indoor positioning system for facility management tasks by geolocation

These are some of the most important features of Situm MRM:

  • Only one smartphone is needed for each employee, so the initial investment is minimal. From then on, the worker is located, monitored and informed in real time.
  • No dedicated infrastructure is required. The core technology used is an algorithm that collects pre-existing information in the buildings (magnetic fields, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) and combines it with the data from the inertial sensors of the smartphone to position the user.
  • The deployment is carried out in a few days, even hours, so it does not interfere with the daily activity of the company.
  • Monitoring of everything that is important for the company with a very high precision, about 5 meters.
  • Visualization of all the activity on a single screen through graphics and maps. The use is very intuitive and does not require previous training.
  • These graphics provide analytics to objectively see the density of locations, trajectories followed, access to restricted areas, the duration of the activity…
  • It has tools such as the geofence system that allows the detailed study of the activity in a pre-established place.

Concrete (and real) applications of indoor location system for the management of facility management tasks

But what does all this mean for your company? Let’s look at some examples of the maintenance tasks, both preventive and corrective, that Situm MRM can help with.


  • Know where the cleaning staff is in real time.
  • Know what routes they have taken, in what spaces they have worked and the time spent.
  • In many cases this service is outsourced, so the analysis of the activity can be used as a tool for transparency.
  • Control of the replacement of sanitary consumables (hydroalcoholic gels, toilet paper, etc.).
  • Keeping a detailed record of disinfection work to be presented in the relevant reports for inspections or legal requirements.
  • Redistribute the personnel in case of an incident that needs to be corrected in a short time.


A good maintenance requires a lot of staff (electricians, technicians, carpentry, decoration, tuning …) that moves constantly through the facilities. With Situm MRM you can:

  • Traceability of all maintenance over time.
  • Seek synergies of staff making much more profitable time and work capacity.
  • In case of urgent corrective maintenance, it is possible to send qualified professionals directly to the affected area and solve it with the least impact on business activity.
  • Act quickly in dangerous situations, thus reducing the accident rate.


Our indoor location and monitoring solutions are being implemented by several major global security companies. In this sector, keeping security agents geolocated is essential and can make the difference between good and bad service.

  • It allows the identification of security personnel with an accuracy of a few meters.
  • It improves management and guarantees a safe environment thanks to the notification of geopositioned tasks and the Panic Button and Man Down alarms.
  • Registration of the most common and routine tasks to ensure compliance (review of critical points, emergency exits, fire extinguishers …)
  • Improve emergency response. The entire monitored area is controlled on a single screen, allowing for the redistribution of personnel and the reduction of response times.
  • Have precise analytics that allow to audit the shift activity. It becomes a tool for transparency between the service provider and the client.

Indoor logistics

Merchandise or packages that move between departments, tools for shared use that are constantly being moved, critical information that passes from room to room … It is essential to maintain control over all this.

  • Situm MRM allows the permanent auditing of the activity of the people who manage them
  • Asset location solutions allow you to keep your assets under control, avoiding their loss and the waste of time associated with their location.
  • In case of incidents, a traceability of the entire route can be determined in order to clarify any responsibility.
  • It enables a study of the routes followed and the time spent allowing an analysis with reliable data of the geolocation. Undoubtedly the best way to know if the right route is being followed and if the procedure is the most profitable.
  • When goods are highly valuable (antiques, art, jewelry) or dangerous (energy or chemical processing industries, pharmaceuticals …), Situm MRM allows to study if you are proceeding in the right way in their handling. The geoanalytics module also allows for detailed reports in case of incidents.

Indoor location for other specific facility management tasks

There are companies with very specific needs for which an indoor location is a basic tool. A good example could be airports. Situm is working in some of the most important airport centres in Europe for the management of facility management tasks through the indoor location.

  • Handling: which summarizes all multifunctional tasks that deal with both aircraft handling and the boarding or disembarking of passengers, luggage and cargo.
  • Assistance to PRM: Includes all actions and services associated with improving care for people with reduced mobility (PRM) at airports. It involves a very detailed level of monitoring in a very large space, so the location of PRM assistants is vital for their good progress.

If you want more information on how to simplify, automate and improve maintenance work, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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