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Rounds and task features for geopositioned security work management with Situm MRM

Managing a mobile security service with officers moving around a large building can be a challenging task. You need to secure and organise the service, but also make it efficient and compliant, as well as safe for the employees. We have talked about managing geo-positioned work on a global basis, but how do we specifically apply these tools to security management?

This sector presents some specific issues to which the management of patrols and tasks through geolocation provides answers:

  1. Do the guards complete the rounds and tasks assigned to them on time?
  2. Does the client have confidence that the service is performed as agreed?
  3. Are the critical points of the premises in order?
  4. Do employees have the right tools to facilitate their work as easily, visually, and efficiently as possible?

To solve these challenges, we rely on Situm MRM’s new geo-located patrols and tasks features, the key to managing the work of a security company through indoor and outdoor geolocation.

Geopositioned security rounds

geopositioned work in security

One of the cornerstones of security services. A large part of the work of guards or agents is to pass through checkpoints to perform some action related to the service: visual inspections, checking of relevant spaces, control of emergency elements such as fire extinguishers, emergency exits, etc.

geopositioned work in security

This function, included in the Situm Dashboard, allows to easily create rounds, assign them to users and configure different parameters: name, description, number of daily executions required and the checkpoints through which the worker must pass. Employees will use the Situm MRM app to visualise and complete all the information assigned to them.

geopositioned work in security

Thanks to in-phone positioning, this app also records the execution of the patrol even in areas without mobile coverage. It can also manually register any incidents the employee might observe.

The specific analytics that supports this function provides an overview of the performance of the surveillance service. Each round is associated with the employee’s geolocation to ensure their safety and the reliability of the recorded information.

In this way, surveillance companies can obtain a detailed overview of the work of their mobile teams, as well as possible non-compliance and the reasons/causes.

Gathering all this information allows managers of mobile surveillance teams:

  • Making improvements to the service and taking decisions with the correct data.
  • Avoiding penalties for non-compliance.
  • Communicating with workers in a direct and personalised way.

And the app allows workers to:

  • Report any relevant event, e.g. the need for a subsequent second check of an emergency door.
  • Add a cause or justification for non-compliance with a patrol.
  • Issue geopositioned alarms if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Geopositioned tasks

Patrols are not the only element of the daily work of security companies. Situm MRM also includes a task feature, those activities to be carried out at a specific point on the premises, which allows to:

geopositioned work in security
  • Assign tasks and their descriptions to team members.
  • Establishes the periodicity of these tasks in case they are not occasional.
  • Indicates the geolocation of the task.
  • Through the information panel, visualise the status of each task and its details.

Situm MRM and its rounds and tasks functions are a complete tool for the management of surveillance work. Geolocation is a differential factor already used by sector benchmarks such as Clece or RKL. The management, planning and auditing of mobile teams improve the service and the experience of customers and workers.

If you are interested in implementing Situm MRM in your security company, please contact us.

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