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4 good reasons for employees location with Situm’s indoor positioning system

Sectors such as logistics and security already take advantage of GPS to locate and monitor their employees and vehicles outdoors. With Situm, employees location is also possible indoors, where the GPS signal does not work. In this post, we explain 4 good reasons to implement our indoor positioning system for this purpose.

Employees location with Situm's indoor positioning system

Employee location in real-time is an essential competitive advantage in large indoor spaces. In airports, hospitals, corporate headquarters, fairgrounds, malls or factories,thousands of people are working moving around the facilities. Knowing their location in real-time and geoanalytics about the use of the space brings important benefits to the facility managers and to companies that work there:

Improve the capacity to react to possible incidents

Knowing at all times the location of a team’s members allows assigning the resolution of an incident to the one that is closest to where it happens. Situm’s Dashboard allows the visualization of all staff in a single multifunction control panel. It has become a key tool in many sectors.

  • Surveillance. The application of Situm in the security sector has several success stories, such as Securitas Location, the solution for the management of surveillance by geolocation developed by this global benchmark in its sector.
  • Emergencies management. You Safe, from DB Systems facilitates the evacuation of large installations as well as improving the coordination of emergency teams.
  • Maintenance. Internal staff in large factories can share their location with external teams and send the route to be followed with real-time step-by-step guidance. In large spaces with thousands of users such as shopping malls, resorts or airports, cleaning services can quickly act where they are required.

Audit the activity of employees through employees indoor location

How can we know if an employee has been where they should be during their shift, and how much time they have spent on a task? All this information and more is available to the building manager or staff manager thanks to the analytics module on Situm’s dashboard, which displays employee location-related data that is continuously recorded. By analyzing this information, services can be improved and processes optimized, increasing the productivity of work teams and facilities.

Increase facility security

The information stored by the system allows us to know if employees or visitors to a facility have accessed restricted areas. This information also facilitates the delimitation of responsibilities in case of accidents, since it allows to locate it where it has taken place with precision and to determine if it happened in a space where a person did not have permission to access it.

Indoor location alarms to increase the security of employees

Situm MRM, the solution for managing employees by geolocation, can be completed with two intelligent alarms that increase employee safety:

  • Panic button: By tapping or moving the phone, the employee can notify an alarm situation, instantly sharing their location on the control panel.
  • Man down alert: The system automatically detects if an employee has suffered a sudden fall or if there is prolonged inactivity.

As a result of this application, indoor location impacts employee productivity. Situm also allows achieving this with a significant return on investment. Our indoor positioning technology enables employee location and staff monitoring without the additional infrastructure to the existing WiFi and Bluetooth in the building.

If you are interested in knowing how our indoor positioning system can help improve the processes and services in your building or in requesting a trial at your facility, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out this form.

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