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Indoor location with Situm Indoor Positioning

Indoor location is a technology increasingly used by companies to optimize their processes and services in their buildings through indoor navigation and indoor tracking. In this post you will see why Situm’s indoor positioning system is different from other alternatives and what its main applications are.

Situm Indoor Positioning for Indoor location Indoor Navigation & Indoor Tracking

RTLS outside: GPS

The use of real-time location systems, commonly known as RTLS, is widespread outdoors thanks to GPS.The use of real-time location systems, commonly known as RTLS, is widespread outdoors thanks to GPS. We cannot imagine visiting a city we do not know without using applications such as Google Maps or Tom Tom

Situm RTLS: The indoor GPS

However, indoor location is a challenge that very few solutions can overcome. How do you position a person or vehicle indoors, where GPS does not work? Few companies have been able to find an answer to these problems, and even fewer have done so with a robust and reliable solution.

Situm has successfully overcome this challenge thanks to its core technology, an algorithm that combines the magnetic field and the existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals in the building with data provided by mobile phone inertial sensors. In this way, taking advantage of the existing infrastructure in the buildings, Situm’s system allows positioning people, vehicles and other mobile assets indoors with an average accuracy of less than 5 meters.

Al utilizar infraestructura ya existente, nuestra solución permite además reducir los costes de implantación al mínimo.

By using pre-existing infrastructure, our solution also allows to reduce deployment costs to the minimum.

Indoor location applications

Once we have located a person in real time, the applications of indoor location are numerous:

  • Guiding people with an indoor navigation app. This way, hospital patients can arrive earlier at their specialist practice without asking staff for directions, shopping centre customers can easily find their favourite shops, and airport passengers can more easily reach their boarding gate.
  • Employees indoor tracking and monitor to improve processes. By locating employees in real time and recording their locations in the system, it is possible to react better to unforeseen events and to audit and check whether they have been in the right place at the right time. This application is especially valuable for auditing the services provided by facility management companies.
  • Geo-analytics on the use of space. By locating indoors we will also have useful information to better optimize space and staff. We will know how many people have visited us, when they visited, where they went and how much time they invested in their visit. The polygonal geofencing tool also makes this information available in areas defined by the building manager.
  • Geolocalized marketing actions. This same polygonal geofencing tool also makes it possible to delimit areas to launch a promotion on the user’s mobile phone.

How can I implement an indoor location system in my company?

As it does not require dedicated infrastructure in many of the use cases, the implementation of Situm’s indoor positioning system can be done by almost anyone in just a few days. If you are interested in experiencing for yourself how it works, you only need to follow these steps:

  • Sign up in our Dashboard, create your building and upload your plan.
  • Download the Situm Mapping Tool app and calibrate your building by walking around it.
  • That’s it! You can now navigate indoors and monitor your position in the dashboard.

Visit our Try Us section and check the value of indoor positioning in your own facilities.

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