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Safer assets and people with Situm MRM’s new crowdsourced location functionality

Is the loss of valuable objects, or the time invested in tracking them down, a constant concern and a loss of profitability for your company? Do you have people passing through your facilities who require special attention and continuous monitoring of their location? If the answer is yes, Situm MRM’s new functionality for asset and people crowdsourced tracking can be another important incentive to implement this platform for managing mobile resources by geolocation with minimal infrastructure.

If we ask any company which objects or people are particularly valuable in their daily work, they identify them without hesitation. Those are the ones that require special attention and whose loss, even if only momentary, can be a major problem. These items are critical for many reasons: they contain important information, they are difficult to replace, they are essential to keep a process running, their value is high, or they involve a person who requires special care, such as children, seniors, or patients. If the possibility of loss or theft exists, it multiplies exponentially if it is moved constantly or if it passes through several hands. 

In Situm we have found that this concern is common for many of our clients, from different sectors although they all agree on the most important aspects:

  • They have staff that move around large facilities carrying machinery, documentation, or valuables, or have other people in their custody who require constant tracking to ensure their safety.
  • The aim is not only to prevent the loss of assets but also to achieve traceability. It provides greater security and promotes good working dynamics.

In response to this problem, we have developed new functionality for the Situm MRM platform to track any target or person over which we need greater control and a permanent location. As in the case of Situm MRM, we have also achieved this without installing additional infrastructure. 

Situm CAT (Crowdsourced Asset Tracking)

asset tracking

Situm CAT is a self-developed location-based system that uses beacons, very small tags placed on the object or person to be monitored. The beacons send out a BLE signal, detected by the smartphones already used in the deployment of Situm MRM to monitor employees, which also function as Bluetooth signal receivers, allowing the system to locate the object or person with the beacon on the control panel. As a result, the system does not require dedicated infrastructure, as it continues to take advantage of the existing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks in the building. 

In this way, any object or person tagged with a beacon is detected almost instantly or in a very short time, since their location is recorded in the system.

The beacon can be adapted to the target being tracked. For example, you can use a bracelet for people and a standard beacon with adhesive to locate an object. 

The advantages of the system are many: 

  • It does not require specific deployments, as it builds on the Situm MRM deployment, allowing you to benefit from this additional functionality with a minimal financial investment.
  • The implementation time is eliminated, being operational from the very first moment.
  • It solves the time and productivity losses associated with the staff location.
  • It improves the service provided to customers and users, promoting an increase in their loyalty and marking a clear differentiation from the competitors.

Can your company benefit from the advantages of this solution?

We are sure it does. These are just a few examples of use cases from our customers:

Security companies. Their surveillance services require a permanent and exhaustive control beyond the facilities, such as the equipment shared by the different guards, like protection equipment, or elements for transport and storage.  

Industry. Where the priority is to keep the inventory updated and control the traceability of different mobile assets of special importance:

  • Recurring machinery that moves around different locations.
  • Safety-critical equipment.
  • Hazardous material.

Offices. Where technological or computer material and documentation is constantly moving around. It requires a constant record of the routes taken by the containers where they are stored and transported.

Hospitals. Increasingly large and complex, they require constant transfers of confidential documentation, technological tools and other high-cost resources that doctor, nurses, and administrative staff share:

  • Furniture to store patient records and medical tests. 
  • Special drugs.
  • Wheelchairs, drippers, and other smaller but very valuable and frequently shared, technological devices.

In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, this system is useful for locating patients who require special monitoring due to their inability to properly orient themselves, such as the elderly or patients with memory issues.

Shopping malls, where security and customer experience are key. The perception of “feeling cared for” will increase customer loyalty and will differentiate you from your competitors. 

  • Location of vulnerable users, such as minors, using bracelets with beacon devices. 
  • Different tools related to space security.

Airports and hotels. For customers and passengers, controlling their belongings increases the perceived quality of service and improves the user experience. 

  • Particularly valuable suitcases and packages.
  • Pet transportation.

Situm MRM’s new functionality for crowdsourced tracking of assets and people can be a strategic tool for managing mobile resources in these spaces. If you are interested in learning how Situm MRM can help your business, feel free to contact us.

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