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The value of indoor positioning in large buildings

More and more buildings, both public and private, are starting to use geolocation solutions based on indoor positioning systems: malls, hospitals, office buildings, factories, airports and other transport centres use indoor navigation and employee monitoring solutions to improve their customers’ experience and optimize processes.

There are different options on the market to develop and deploy solutions based on indoor positioning systems. Situm is different from others because we can do it with the highest precision and minimal infrastructure thanks to our own developed indoor location core technology.

What can you obtain with a geolocation service?

Situm’s indoor positioning system allows to integrate indoor navigation into apps for a better visitor experience:

  • Providing them with personalized information about the routes to follow (especially useful for people with reduced mobility),
  • Allowing them to make inquiries only about the building’s resources that interest them.
  • Impacting them with information or promotions depending on their location thanks to the polygonal geofence tool included in the platform, thus enhancing the range of marketing actions to implement the commercial strategy.

The work of the building manager also benefits by enabling him to:

  • Rationalize the use of signage, reducing the cost of physical supports, allowing to avoid voice warnings (especially useful in transportation centers) and facilitating orientation in all the languages required.
  • Have analytics on the use of the space, which will allow to know the flows of the visitors and to redistribute it according to interest.

On the other hand, employee and mobile asset monitoring allows:

  • Know their location at all times to redistribute them according to what is needed in real time.
  • Audit the activities that are provided in the building to ensure that everything works in order and that suppliers are executing the contracted service.

How to take advantage of visitor guidance and employee tracking solutions?

It is very easy to know the utility of the distribution of the spaces thanks to the analytics provided by the system. Heat maps with the density of locations / users by zones allow to know from where people access and the most common routes. They also facilitate the exhaustive knowledge of the areas or stores that are most frequented, at what time they do it and how much they move or stop until they reach their destination.

With this information, the building manager can assign the appropriate value to each space for its commercialization or assign human resources in the different areas based on what happened on similar previous dates.

In relation to the management of employees by geolocation, the system provides information about how many employees were working in the building, the trajectories that each of them took, when they started and when they finished working in a specific space. All this information will allow to evaluate if the assignment of tasks is balanced and if all the employees are carrying out the corresponding ones, besides favoring the reduction of the labor absenteeism by having a tool of control known by all the staff of the organization.

Situm IPS platform also allows all this data to be queried on the dashboard or integrated into another system via the REST API.

Situm’s indoor geolocation allows large and complex buildings to be easily accessible and manageable. Visit our Try Us section to find out how Situm works in your facility for free or to contact us for a more customized test.

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