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What is an IPS geofence and what applications does it have?

The use of GPS outdoors has favoured the development of a multitude of technologies, applications and solutions based on this global positioning system.  One of them is geofencing, which has opened the door to multiple applications in the field of marketing and security, among others. But, did you know that IPS Geofence is also possible?

What is a geofence?

A geofence is the definition of a virtual delimitation in a physical area through a software.  Generally, this perimeter is usually delimited by a radius around a point, although this delimitation can also be polygonal.

What is a geofence for?

The objective of a geofence is to trigger an action when a device enters or leaves that area. Outdoors, the signal used to locate the location of the device is the GPS, and this device can be a cell phone, an RFID tag or others.

What applications does a geofence have?

Outdoors, geofencing (use of geofences) is a technique used in different areas, but these three stand out especially:

  • Geoanalytics: By defining an area we can find out how many people or vehicles have entered, who has entered (if we know the identity of the owner of the device), when they entered, how long they stayed or even what type of goods they leave or enter if RFID tags are used, for example.
  • Security: Using a geofence, alerts can also be generated when someone enters or leaves a delimited area, which has proved particularly useful for controlling areas with restricted access, or as security measures to keep children or people with impaired cognitive abilities located within a perimeter.
  • Marketing: The use of geofences in marketing is being increasingly used. In addition to to obtain valuable analytics on the use of space, it is used to send commercial messages and other promotional actions when a user accesses a commercial space defined by the manager of it.

Is it possible to carry out geofence indoors? IPS Geofence

GPS has made outdoor geofencing a widely used technique. But what about indoors, where this signal is not a viable alternative? IPS Geofence is also possible.There are different alternatives for positioning indoors, but almost all of them require the deployment of a lot of dedicated infrastructure or the location it provides does not have a good accuracy. Almost all of them…

Why Situm is the best option for an IPS Geofence?

At Situm we have not only developed an indoor positioning technology with maximum accuracy, minimum infrastructure and immediate deployment. We have also developed easy to implement solutions for visitor guidance, employee monitoring and, of course, geofencing. Situm has developed a polygonal geofencing tool that allows the definition of geofences in a fast, precise and easy way. If you are interested in testing our technology, you can do it for free in our test section. If you are interested in our geofence tool to deploy marketing or security solutions in your facilities, do not hesitate to contact us.

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