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Where will you find Situm Indoor Positioning on your holidays?

We present 4 challenges that you face on your holidays which will all disappear with an efficient indoor positioning system. At Situm we work to ensure our technology has a real impact on people’s lives. Do you think there’s nothing we can do for you? Take a look.

Situm IPS is an indoor positioning platform that allows any company to achieve maximum use of space and workflows. You won’t know that we are there, but our platform allows you to move more freely around facilities and all the professionals who provide you with a service can do so in the shortest possible time and effectively.

To show you, we propose an imaginary trip, a plan for this summer, which is bound to be similar to what you are actually going to do or will sound familiar from other past experiences. In this scenario, we will show you how we work to help you.

Challenge 1: We’re on our way and the first stop is the (dreaded) airport

If there is a place that causes stress for users, it is undoubtedly the airport. The combination of factors, such as the need to get to a boarding gate or desk as soon as possible, check-in or security controls, distance between terminals or managing extra time (shopping, meals…), makes it very easy to get nervous.

Situm will be there, so that the professionals who serve you can do so with maximum efficiency. Our Situm MRM system works to ensure that all players involved in the smooth running of the airport are coordinated with each other and with passengers.

  • Passenger care: The airport employees will always be located, allowing them to be redirected if necessary, reducing the response time to an emergency or simply looking for synergies between them.

This is reflected in improved check-in and boarding flows, more accurate assistance for special passengers (e.g. minors), better management at information desks or baggage search services…

  • PRM Services: Attending to all needs of passengers at an airport is already a real challenge, but the complication grows exponentially when dealing with people with reduced mobility (the elderly, people who need to use a wheelchair, etc.). This is carried out specifically by PRM staff, those professionals in yellow uniforms who are responsible for making the airport accessible to everyone.

Many of them, as in Ferrovial success story, use a Situm-based staff management system that allows much faster and coordinated mobilization in the event a user requires it.

But as well as being present to improve the dynamics of the professionals who attend to you at an airport, we can also be directly on your mobile. The fact is that more and more airport managers are joining the trend of trying to give passengers more autonomy. How can this be done? It’s clear: giving them more control over the space through which they circulate.

For this purpose, mobile applications are being developed based on Situm WYF technology allowing indoor guidance. This way, you will be able to carry out the following via your Smartphone, among others:

  • Estimate the time it takes to travel within the airport and between terminals.
  • Use the guidance system to establish the shortest route.
  • Be promptly informed of any last minute changes.
  • Know the services at your disposal during the waiting time (shops, restaurants, cafés, rest areas, events…)
  • Locate your vehicle in the car park on your return after a well-deserved rest.

Challenge 2: A real challenge: getting around a large hotel

More and more people decide to spend their holidays in a large hotel resort. It seems that there are only advantages: extensive facilities, all services included, great offer of restaurants, shows and leisure activities for all tastes. But this is a double-edged sword: moving around a large unknown interior space, normally across an extensive horizontal area (different buildings and outdoor spaces), with schedules set for each activity, with thematic spaces some distance from each other… Your stay can become a race against time to get to the right place at the right time.

This is why more and more hotels, as Grand Oasis Cancún with Situm, are working on geopositioning-based mobile applications that will radically change the guest experience. What does all this mean? Possibly, when you check in at the hotel, the staff will give you a code to download an application to your mobile phone that will give you control over the space and your time. This means that:

  • You will have understandable and simple maps of all the hotel facilities. You will be geolocated and given the most suitable route to get to where you want to go without wasting time.
  • You will be able to know the day’s schedule in advance in order to decide which activities you are interested in.
  • You will know the exact location of each gastronomic space, the opening times and possibly even the day’s menu. Of course, they’ll show you how to get there directly.
  • You will have up-to-date information on the schedule of shows or concerts. These activities are normally carried out in dynamic spaces (they are set up and taken down for the event) so it is important to know where they will take place and how to get there. You will also be notified of any change of plan (e.g. due to weather conditions).

Challenge 3: Shopping in a  shopping centre (unknown)

When you walk into a shopping centre for the first time, just two steps after you set foot inside, you know you’re lost. The first gesture is usually to look up for a map or a sign that tells you which shops are available and where they are. Not easy, we know. That is why companies like in the case of El Corte Inglés or the case of Carrefour are developing solutions with Situm adapted to this environment, so that by downloading the shopping centre application to your mobile phone, you immediately have access to the following:

  • Detailed maps of the facilities, services and shops. You will be geolocated so the map will not just be an image, but will indicate where you are and which route to take to reach your destination.
  • You will find out about specific offers or promotions when you pass near an establishment, so you will know about the offer even before you enter a particular shop.
  • The entire catering offer will also send you specific information, so that you can consume the things you like without having to stop in front of each of the establishments to read their menu.
  • You will be able to locate your car in the car park even if you forget exactly where you parked it.

In addition, Situm will also be on the smartphones of all the professionals in charge of serving or helping you. Situm MRM will enable all of them to be coordinated to help you if you are unwell, if you suffer an incident or if a child in your care is lost, for example. The security staff will have all the geopositioned information in real time to avoid unforeseen events.

Challenge 4: Emergencies at a hospital

Many times during a trip we have had to go to a hospital. Any injury or digestive problem, for example, has forced us to go to an unknown hospital.

In these cases moving through these huge spaces can be quite a challenge and Situm can help you here too. Many hospitals, as in the case of SERGAS, Grupo Quirón or Medrics with Turkish Hospitals, have already developed solutions with Situm that, directly or indirectly, make your experience much more bearable.

  • With Situm indoor navigation you will be able to reach the desk or room you want from your mobile phone, without following the wrong routes along long corridors or looking for someone who can help guide you.
  • Indirectly you will also benefit from Situm’s employee tracking and monitoring system implemented by the actual hospital. The health workers will be better coordinated with each other, cleaning teams will come much faster in the event of an incident, task assignments will result in better care and greater efficiency.

This has been a short summary of how a technology that may seem distant and abstract is materializing to make your life easier. If we spend more than 90% of our time in large indoor spaces, it seems logical that an indoor GPS will make our day-to-day life significantly easier. We hope that, on this holiday or at any other time, our efforts and those of our partners will mean that you will only have to worry about having fun and relaxing.

Find at more verticals were Situm’s indoor positioning with hig precision, minimal infrastructure and fast deployment is already being used.

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