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10 Situm MRM functionalities to improve indoor space management during the COVID-19 crisis (and after)

In the face of an unprecedented crisis like the one of COVID-19, it is vital to avoid organisational chaos in critical centres. Certainly, this new situation needs a constant reorganisation of space and a careful monitoring of staff. On this features, it is where Situm becomes an invisible and effective ally. In only 24 hours, without the need of previous development, any organisation can have their space configured, and know in Real-Time the situation of all of their users and assets on the field.

The expansion of the COVID-19 virus has situated us in a new scenario, something we were not ready for. Attention centres are constantly reorganised, their unit locations get changed and rooms get redistributed. Moreover, equipment and diagnostic tests are constantly being moved through the hallways and their staff is being expanded and redistributed in order to respond to the demand of all new patients. And to this, we must add all the new outdoor spaces that have been enabled in record time (field hospitals, annexes to perform diagnostic tests, etc.) This is why it is vital to be able to control the space and the deployment of staff and therefore organise this enormous task more effectively.

Let’s take a little tour of what Situm MRM can provide: a geolocation technology that works as an indoor GPS, taking advantage of existing infrastructure (WiFi and Bluetooth) without the need for any previous installation. In order to carry out this location, it will only be necessary that the person to be tracked or monitored has a smartphone.

  1. Locate all human assets (healthcare workers, security and cleaning personnel, etc.) and manage them in Real-Time: it is of great importance to know where all personnel is at all times in order to give more effective attention. All this deployment of human resources will be visible in a single multifunctional panel in real-time with a display of professional profiles which would provide a very intuitive understanding of the situation in real-time.
  2. Categorise personnel in order to respond faster and more effectively. Not all professionals need the same information and shouldn’t receive the same notifications. For example, if a doctor is needed in a certain place, if equipment needs to be transported from one unit to the other or if a zone that has been affected by an incident needs to be cleaned, notifications must reach the people responsible for each case.
    This is why Situm allows for the creation of different profiles so the information reaches whoever must manage it. Healthcare personnel will have access to specific data, same as nurses and wardens, whereas cleaning and security personnel will receive notifications related to their work.
  3. Locate users or patients inside the facilities in order to make sure that they are quarantining at the place assigned to them. This tool is very useful, for example, in nursing homes where the separation between users is necessary to guarantee a safe environment or when it is essential to keep them located at all times.
  4. Capacity control so as not to exceed the maximum allowed: knowing the occupation density in indoor spaces, whatever it’s nature may be, or the distance between individuals is vital nowadays in order to avoid contagion. Through our tool we can control the number of people in a determined place at all times, avoiding feared crowds. This is a critical aspect when resuming the return to day to day activities in the second normalisation phase.
  5. Delimit areas that need an entrance control:  Our Geofence tool allows for concrete delimitation of an area in order to keep an explicit access control. It could be the case of isolation rooms, lab areas, warehouses of instrumental or protective materials, etc.
  6. Alarm button so a worker can ask for help without interrupting the activities that are being carried out. Smart alarms such as Man Down or Panic Button allow for a reduction in response times during emergency situations. This reduction can be given by two factors, either by knowing immediately about any unforeseen events or by mobilizing the nearest agents.
  7. Location of vital equipment that is constantly being moved between units or floors in order to tend to all patients. It is possible to monitor certain technology and machinery that is considered vital, valuable or is destined for shared use in the same way that personnel is tracked and located. Therefore, the waste of precious time can be avoided at a time like this.
  8. Improving and monitoring the process day by day thanks to the analytics generated by the system. Because the fact that activity in these centres may be vertiginous and non-stop, doesn’t mean that a moment of reflection is not needed in order to polish dynamics and prevent recurrence of organisational mistakes. This is why on a single screen you will be able to visualise how the day has been and any contingencies that may have occurred, be it in the form of heatmaps, trajectory maps, restricted area access maps or simply the distribution of personnel and the duration of activities.
  9. Possibility of establishing traceability of the cases in the face of epidemiological disease.  This is possible thanks to the detection of those who have been in contact with a positive and thanks to the notification that announces the need to get into an isolation (quarantine) phase.
  10. Informing and alerting about the entrance of infected people in an area without contagion and vice-versa.  In determined centres it can be a real challenge to maintain a certain discipline or organisation and avoid that groups of infected people mix with groups of non-infected people.  This is the case of mental health centers, nursing homes or care services of different kinds… For this, it is possible to create alarms so that the managing team can intervene straight away.

If you’re interested in getting information about Situm MRM and how to apply it to your facilities, don’t hesitate to contact us through this form.


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