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What’s New in Situm Product: April 2024 

Integrate Situm in a few hours in any platform  

Now, implementing wayfinding is a matter of hours across a broad range of platforms, including websites, kiosks, and native Android/iOS apps, Flutter, React Native, Cordova, and Capacitor.  

And others like Xamarin? Reach out and we’ll help you! 

More Realistic, Detailed, and Interactive Cartography 

You can now render high-res images and vector plans (GeoJSON/IMDF) plans in both 2D and 3D, with a fully customizable look & feel that adapts to your building Also, we’ve enabled the visualization of 3D rendered models, representing everything from simple elements like stairs and elevators to complete building models. 

We’ve achieved smoother and more intuitive translation, rotation, and zoom gestures. Also, the POI clustering allows you to prioritize certain POIs over others, avoiding overcrowding on the map. Finally, a new intelligent fuzzy search feature makes it easier to locate the closest and more relevant POIs by filtering them by category, subcategory, name, or content (even if you make spelling mistakes!!).

Kiosk mode

We’ve introduced several improvements for digital kiosks or totems. Now, kiosks highlight a “You’re here” message with a customizable visual indicator and allow hiding unwanted POIs (such as the kiosk itself) to simplify display, both on the map and in the search bar. Routes start by default from this fixed point, and search results are sorted by distance,  facilitating the location of nearby points of interest in kiosk environments. 

Maximum Customization (even for maps!)

New customization options for the UI have been achieved! 

  • Visualization: Initial view, zoom, inclination, and orientation. 
  • Widgets: Enabling/disabling elements like logos, POI menus, and category filters.  
  • Visual Styles and Themes: Colors of routes, buttons, borders, and fonts. Total control over elements like positioning icons.   

Also, we’re proud to announce that we’ve released a beta functionality that allows you to style your maps completely, including polygon colors colors, heights, borders and more! Check it out by pressing CTRL+”.”.

Step-by-Step Directions with Context and customized routes 

We also display step-by-step instructions, such as “Walk 100 meters to the central plaza” and “Change to floor 1” through the elevator. Hints on the map, such as an arrow marking the indication, are also displayed alongside the route. 

Also, we now allow to fully customize the navigation routes displayed to the visitor:  the axes of the navigation graph can be tagged to define the permitted paths for each type of user. This way, we may direct some users through “public-only” tagged paths, and others through “private” ones.   


We have greatly improved accessibility for users with visual impairments. Now, accessibility color profiles and  compatibility with screen readers (TalkBack/VoiceOver) facilitate navigation for people with visual challenges. 

Internationalization: 18 languages (and increasing!) 

We now support 18 languages: arabic,bulgarian, catalan, german, english, spanish, euskera, farsi (persian), frech, hebrew, hungarian, italian, japanese, dutch, polish, portuguese, turkish, vietnamese. The UI is fully adapted to Right-To-Left visualization, and we can quickly include new languages upon request

Rich POI information and Favourite POIs 

You can now fully customize how detailed POI information is presented: adding and formatting text, as well as incorporating images and videos. You may also apply advanced styles to align the text and create item lists, or even directly edit the HTML. Also, CMS integration has been possible through our REST API.   

Finally, users can now save their favorite Points of Interest (POIs) and access them at any time (even without an internet connection or after closing the app). 

Find My Car 

This innovation allows users to easily record the location of their vehicle when they park, so they can easily remember it later.

This location is highlighted on the map and can be searched and navigated to as another POI.

Faster and 100% Offline 

We have significantly improved the speed of our maps, especially in large places like airports. Maps and points of interest now load faster and use less data. Additionally, we’ve achieved full offline experience. Maps and necessary information are downloaded beforehand, so you always have access to navigation and location, even if you do not have a network connection. 

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