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Indoor navigation SDK update: Easier-to-integrate and more customizable WYF module

Indoor navigation SDK is a key part of Situm’s proposition in addition to its indoor positioning technology with maximum accuracy, minimum infrastructure and immediate deployment. The new versions of our Wayfinding modules reduce integration times and facilitate look & feel customization on both Android and iOS.

Situm provides all the necessary SDKs to integrate the best indoor navigation experience into any app, Android or iOS. Among these tools are the Situm WYF modules, which incorporate a plug & play visual navigation experience, specially designed and optimized by Situm. With just a few lines of code, any Android or iOS app can incorporate the best indoor guidance experience, including indoor/outdoor geolocation, floor plan display, POI finder, and turn-by-turn navigation with visual, textual, and voice instructions.

indoor navigation sdk

Since they were launched, the Situm WYF modules have been very well received. They have already been used in the mobile apps of hundreds of buildings around the world: hospitals, airports, shopping malls, hotels, museums, or convention centers, among others. Following their success, we have developed new improvements to make their integration easier, more compatible with the latest versions of Android/iOS, and more customizable.

A new indoor navigation SDK for more compatibility for Android

For developers working with Android apps, the main new features of these SDK for indoor navigation are 2:

indoor navigation sdk
  • Situm WYF is now fully compatible with Android X apps.
  • Situm WYF can be uploaded seamlessly not only from an Activity (as before) but also from a Fragment or even from a nested Fragment. Thus, Situm WYF is fully compatible with any modern app.

As an additional feature, Situm WYF for Android now allows displaying geofences (e.g. to indicate capacity by areas) which, of course, can be selectively shown (or not) to the user.

More customization in Android & iOS

indoor navigation sdk

The brand image is something essential for our customers. In Situm we are aware that the possibility that our wayfinding module reflects the corporate identity is something very important, so in iOS (as in Android), we have enabled the customization of the look & feel so that both colors and logos fit the brand image of the application in which they are integrated.

Success cases with Situm Indoor Positioning SDK

Indoor navigation apps success cases

Situm’s SDK has been used to make indoor navigation app to guide visitors in hundreds of buildings. Some success stories are:

Wayfinding for patients in hospitals and specialized health centers.
Quirónsalud. Read more.
Turkish hospitals. Read more.

Indoor navigation in airports to guide passengers.
Aena. Read more.
Jorge Chavez International Airport of Lima. Read more

Shopper guidance in shopping malls.
Marineda. Read more.
Nhood. Read more

Resources to make indoor navigation apps and maps

Visit and try our free WYF modules for Android, iOS, Cordova, and our SDK for these operating systems in addition to React Native.

You can also visit documentation in and find all the resources you need to develop your indoor navigation solution:

Mobile SDKs

Code examples



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