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Indoor navigation SDK update for easier integration and customisation

What is an indoor navigation SDK?

An indoor navigation SDK is a set of tools for third-party developers to enrich app with navigation (also wayfinding or guidance) functionality, which necessarily implies real-time location to provide step-by-step guidance indications. In this sense, our SDK also works as an indoor location SDK.

Like most SDKs, its use requires programming knowledge, although we are sure that ours is the easiest to use 😉 . If you have come across this news but you are not a programmer, I’m sure that if you share it with the developer of your applications, he/she will thank you for it.

Indoor Location and Indoor Navigation SDK by Situm

Situm’s Indoor Navigation SDK is a key part of our solutions, in addition to our indoor location technology and the other tools for implementing an indoor navigation system included in Situm’s Indoor Positioning Platform:

  • Dashboard for mapping management.
  • Situm Mapping Tool for the calibration of buildings.
  • Real-time location system.
  • APIs for integration with other systems.

Benefits of Situm’s SDK for indoor navigation

There are several indoor navigation SDKs on the market, but Situm’s is undoubtedly one of the main references for several advantages:

  • Its versatility with different mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Cordova, Capacitor, Flutter and React Native.
  • It is integrated in an indoor positioning platform to cover all the needs that arise during the development of an app with indoor navigation.
  • Its ease of integration and customisation possibilities both in terms of functionalities and aesthetics.
  • It has already been used for the development of apps with indoor navigation in all types of buildings all over the world.

Main functionalities of Situm’s Indoor Navigation SDK

It is a Plug-and-play UX component that will allow you to bring wayfinding capabilities to your apps in no-time. It includes, out of the box:

  • 2D & 2.5D cartography visualization in different formats: raster, raster tiles, GeoJSON and IMDF.
  • Intelligent POI search, with fuzzy search capabilities (finds even non-exact matches) and category / subcategory filtering.
  • POI information display (configured through our CMS: Situm Dashboard): text, images… whatever you need.
  • Indoor & outdoor geolocation, plus wayfinding with different types of route settings (shortest route, accessible routes only, etc.) even if no location is available (static routing).
  • Turn-by-turn wayfinding directions.
  • Access to the underlying capabilities of Situm SDK. You’ll be able to access to all the raw data if you want: bluedot location, computed routes, cartography, etc.

SDK for all platforms

With just a few lines of code, any app can incorporate the best indoor guidance experience, including indoor/outdoor geolocation, floor plan display, POI finder, and turn-by-turn navigation with visual, textual, and voice instructions.

New versions of our indoor navigation SDKs reduce integration times and make it easier to customize the look & feel on all major platforms.

An Indoor Navigation SDK for a fully customisable look and feel

Our SDKs allow to develop apps with their own look and feel that perfectly match the brand image of our clients.

Situm SDKs have already been used in the mobile apps of hundreds of buildings around the world: hospitals, airports, shopping malls, hotels, museums, or convention centers, among others.

Success cases with Situm’s Indoor Navigation SDK

Since they were launched, Situm SDKs have been very well received. They have already been used in the mobile apps of hundreds of buildings around the world: hospitals, airports, shopping malls, hotels, museums, or convention centers, among others.

AENA airports wayfinding success case


Berlin Brandenburg

Turkish Hospitals wayfinding success case

Hospitales Turcos

F1 Saudi Arabia GP wayfinding success case

F1 Saudi Arabia GP

F1 Abu Dhabi GP


Oasis Resort indoor wayfinding success case

Oasis Resorts

Nhood- Vialia

Palacio Real indoor wayfinding success case

Palacio Real

Marineda City indoor wayfinding succes case

Marineda City

Quiron Salud


Indoor Navigation SDK resources

We recommend you to visit documentation in and find all the resources you need to develop your indoor navigation solution, but here are some of the most useful ones for a first contact.

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