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Empowering Accessibility: Situm’s Commitment to Inclusive Navigation 

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring that technology is accessible to all is not just a courtesy—it’s a necessity. Situm is dedicated to creating a wayfinding solution that caters to everyone, regardless of their physical abilities or technological prowess. Our suite of accessibility features are designed to make navigation intuitive, comprehensive, and inclusive, both through interactive maps and outdoor and indoor navigation apps.

Our commitment to accessibility is deeply rooted in our history and has been a fundamental part of our platform’s evolution. For a practical example of our technology in action, consider the accessible apps developed using our platform for locations like Barajas Airport (Google Play & App Store) . Learn more about our approach and real-world applications in our blog post: Making Your Indoor Guidance App Accessible for Large Buildings with Situm.

Here’s how we do it:

Wheelchair-Friendly Routes

Mobility should not be a barrier to exploration. Situm provides route options that accommodate wheelchair access, ensuring that all paths recommended are practical and safe for users with mobility challenges. 

High-Contrast UI for Enhanced Visibility

Understanding and navigating through digital interfaces can be a challenge for users with visual impairments. Situm addresses this by offering a high-contrast user interface, which enhances visibility and makes the navigation experience more comfortable for those with limited vision.

Screen Reader Compatible

Our platform supports popular screen readers like Talkback for Android and VoiceOver for iOS. This feature ensures that blind and low-vision users can interact with the application seamlessly, receiving audio descriptions of everything from menu options to turn-by-turn navigation. 

Turn-by-Turn Voice Navigation

For users with visual impairments or those who simply prefer audio instructions, our turn-by-turn voice navigation guides you every step of the way. This feature allows users to move freely without needing to constantly check their device screens

Customizable and Adaptive Text Options

Everyone reads differently, which is why Situm allows users to customize text within the app. This includes the ability to configure special fonts (e.g. dyslexia-friendly fonts) and text size adjustments, making text easier to read and reducing visual strain. 

Multilingual Support

Catering to a global audience means supporting multiple languages. Situm offers navigation instructions and interface options in numerous languages, ensuring that users can use the app in the language they feel most comfortable with. If you do not see your language supported, please get in contact with us at and we’ll include it!

Intuitive Menus for All Ages

Technology can be daunting, especially for users who aren’t tech-savvy, such as older adults. Situm features straightforward menus with clear explanations, making the digital navigation experience as simple as reading a signpost. 

Offline Access for Uninterrupted Connectivity

Connectivity should not limit accessibility. Situm computes indoor & outdoor location on the phone itself, and also downloads maps and routes automatically, which can be accessed offline. This is perfect for areas with poor connectivity or for conserving mobile data. 

At Situm, we believe that technology should adapt to people, not the other way around. Our commitment to accessibility ensures that our wayfinding solutions are not only functional but also inclusive, empowering all users to navigate the world with confidence and ease. Whether you are planning a visit to a large campus, navigating a busy airport, or exploring a new city, Situm’s accesible wayfinding technology has been designed with you in mind.

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