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Always keep employees safe with the Panic Button alarm

The market offers several panic button solutions for employees to notify an emergency. Many of them also provide outdoor positioning, but what about indoors, where the GPS does not work? Situm’s technology overcomes this barrier, and its panic button alarm allows, in a fast and discreet way, that our company’s workers to report in real time any incident and their location, both outdoors and indoors, through the smartphone.

When we ask ourselves which employees are most likely to be exposed to dangerous situations during their workday, it is logical that the first to come to mind are security guards. After all, they are the ones on the front-line during emergencies, sometimes even before the police or firefighters get to the scene.

Situm has extensive experience working with security and surveillance companies, a sector already benefiting from our technology in terms of both team management and alarm availability with geolocation both indoors and outdoors.

Panic button for potential aggressions

But security guards are not the only ones who may face potentially dangerous situations. Consider hotel staff, constantly moving from one room to another for cleaning and maintenance tasks. It would be easy to lose track of them within the premises without any tracking system. The danger increases in areas with little or no coverage, such as elevators or basements, even if they have a smartphone. Room service staff are especially vulnerable. The case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in 2011 was well known and led to the popularization of panic button devices in hotels in New York. Eventually, the use of these devices spread throughout the United States, even becoming mandatory in some areas such as Washington, New Jersey, or Florida.

Another example is the hospital medical staff, who sometimes find themselves in emergencies where they need immediate assistance in the face of potential assaults. In Spain, the seriousness of this problem has led to creating the Observatory of Aggressions, run by the Spanish Medical Association, and implementing new protection protocols due to the rise in aggressions. Nor should we overlook the usefulness of geolocated alarms for medical emergencies common to these professions in which immediate assistance is needed.

Alarms with indoor and outdoor geopositioning   

If we have a cell phone, we also sometimes have the possibility of making an emergency call. But what does that involve? Not only do we have to dial the number, however brief it may be, but we also must explain our situation to the person who answers the call and provide our location, something we do not always know exactly. It may also be the case that we have an accident or are attacked in an area without coverage, from which it is not possible to make a call.

Situm’s Panic Button alarm instantly positions the employee on the Dashboard. Since our positioning system works both indoors and outdoors, we can always locate workers, no matter where they are in the facility.

This alarm also has two quick triggers that do not involve dialling numbers or giving location indications:

  • By shaking your phone.
  • Pressing a button on the phone’s screen.

The advantages of this alarm system relate not only to the simplicity of its activation but also to its discretion: whether it is an accident or a potential attack by an intruder, for example, it only takes a quick action to automatically send the location of the affected person to act accordingly, exactly knowing where they are.

Team management and emergencies in a single dashboard

The characteristics of Situm’s indoor location technology (remember: the highest accuracy, immediate deployment, and no need for dedicated infrastructure) also mean the possibility of having alarms for workers that increase their safety in the workplace, as well as more efficiency in equipment management by unifying on a single screen all the key activities of geolocated workers, including these alarms.

Furthermore, a complement to the Panic Button is the Fallen Man Alarm, another option to increase employee safety using the same device.

If you would like to learn more about the Panic Button and other intelligent alarms of Situm’s indoor positioning system, please contact us.

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