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How to create and embed maps in your web apps with Situm

Situm Dashboard enables mobile developers to create complete indoor and outdoor navigation apps using our native or hybrid SDK, giving them turnkey solutions that can be embedded into existing applications with the Situm WYF modules.

But from time to time, some developers want to enable Situm’s Wayfinding capabilities without the need to ask the user to download an app and offer the full indoor and outdoor navigation experience through a web browser.

What can be done with Situm on a web-only app?

Create and embed maps in your web apps or kiosk.

With a web app with Situm, a user can see all the cartography elements of the building, including the base floorplans, image or tile-based, the building’s points of interest and even get the directions to go from Point A to Point B.

These capabilities are enough for some of our clients’ use cases, for example:

  • Saving the car location on a map by opening the app with a QR code.
  • Showing the store’s location and directions within a mall using the information Kiosk.
  • Displaying a building’s indoor cartography within a University Campus and how to get around to the different places.
Open viewer

Embedding maps in your web apps is as simple as copying and pasting the corresponding code. In this case, we have pasted it into this post on our website! Try exploring the map by clicking on the icons, switching between the different floors and zooming in to see all the details.

So, what is still not possible with a web-based application? We would still need a mobile app for precise indoor positioning with BLE, Wi-Fi and motion sensors, as precise location using only a web app is not yet technically possible.

Even with some access to movement sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope, the browser does not allow Wi-Fi readings. Bluetooth readings in a web browser are still an experimental feature in all major browsers and have been in this state for a few years now, so it looks like it will remain this way for a while.

Which use cases cannot be covered with a web app yet? The application will not be able to use indoor location, so there will be no indoor navigation and no indoor blue dot.

Is it possible to build an indoor navigation web app? Can we locate someone with a browser-based web app?

GPS based location within a web app is possible for outdoor wayfinding. However, we cannot offer Situm’s highly accurate indoor positioning or achieve automatic floor detection within the building only through GPS.

For some use cases, this approach is enough and can be a solution for users who cannot or do not want to download an application. Maps on web apps are a great solution to orient your visitors in a simple way and give them information about the building.

How to create a web-based application with Situm

If you are a developer and want to create an application that works by simply opening a web page, you can start by checking out our Situm JavaScript SDK. If you need more information, this quickstart guide will detail everything you need to know to create your own geospatial web-based apps.

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