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Improve your business performance with Situm’s indoor positioning analytics

Situm’s indoor positioning system includes many functions that help improve business performance in different ways. On one hand, it locates users both indoors and outdoors. On the other hand, it generates complete analytics with information about the activities in the facility. Thus, it is possible to increase efficiency, or even to implement geomarketing actions with precision.

Situm IPS is the platform developed by Situm to manage indoor and outdoor positioning solutions.  The possibilities of adaptation and customization make it an extremely flexible solution with the capacity to cover our clients’ needs no matter what sector they operate in: Security, industry, hospitals, shopping malls

This way it is possible to have a system to manage the surveillance service in corporate offices, the maintenance team in a factory, the customer service staff in a large department store or to guide visitors in large facilities both indoors and outdoors, among other uses. 

Indoor positioning analytics

The multi-function control panel allows the real-time display of all the personnel in each building, cartography management, setting up notifications and geo-located promotions, or receiving intelligent alarms. Moreover, it also generates a variety of activity’s geo-analysis.

What information do the indoor positioning analytics provide?

Situm's indoor positioning analytics

The continuous user location and monitoring enable a large variety of information through analytics:

  • Know where our customers are going.
  • Be aware of the trajectories that employees follow during their working time.
  • Know how much time they spend in certain areas.
  • Get notified if someone has entered restricted areas.
  • Know if someone has been in certain places.

What can I do with this information?

All this information is used to improve processes and services in all kinds of verticals and buildings:

  • Adapt the space to visitors’ habits.
  • Plan staff activity according customers’ demand.
  • Accurately audit the work.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Identify irregular uses of space.
  • Increase employee’s safety.

Use geofences to obtain accurate analytics

As previously mentioned, Situm IPS allows you to obtain indoor positioning analytics about the general use of the space. However, we can also determine the size of particular areas according to the needs of each client: counting visitors by stores in a shopping center, knowing how workers have been distributed during a facility’s maintenance work, controlling access to restricted areas in high-security rooms…

The polygonal geofence tool is the key to achieve precision and overcome the limitation of traditional circular geofences. This solution facilitates greater control over the facilities and work processes, in addition to the deployment of accurate geomarketing strategies.

Both for the whole building and for a specific area, IPS provides by default the following analytics:

  • Users: check the number of users who have been positioned by floor.
  • User sessions by area: check the areas where a user has passed through and how much time they spent in them.
  • Heat maps: identify the indoor and outdoor premises where users have been positioned and where have they spent the most time.
  • Trajectories: routes taken by users during a specific time, as well as distance covered.
  • Alarms: recorded emergencies, especially directed towards security companies.

In addition, with our Rest API, developers can easily incorporate into their systems the data obtained through our platform. This way they can process it and extract the information according to their needs.

Obtain the most valuable and specific analytics for your company

The most valuable data is the one that is tailored to each company. For the information obtained to be useful, the data must be accurate, flexible, and easy to manage.

Situm can tailor the system to provide the most appropriate data for each customer’s information needs. If you want to know how we can help your company to get the most out of the geolocated information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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