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Indoor location alarms to increase employee safety

Sooner or later, emergencies occur in every large industrial or business space, and it is vital to be able to respond in the shortest possible time. Our clients have a great tool for this: Situm MRM, which allows employee supervision in real-time. All employees have on their mobile phones two indoor location alarms: Man Down and Panic Button alarms, the fastest and most effective way to activate the emergency device. 

Situm MRM helps manage work teams by locating and monitoring employees indoors without the need for any dedicated infrastructure. With many applications in the daily dynamics of companies, two of its tools are especially important for the safety of employees in any kind of company. We are talking about the Man Down and Panic Button alarms: a way of reducing the response time to any emergency. 

Man Down Alarm  

Our indoor positioning system uses data provided by the mobile phone inertial sensors to automatically detect sudden falls or prolonged inactivity. Thus, in the event of any of these situations an alert automatically pops up on the dashboard. Then, the manager can check in real-time who requires help as well as the exact location where they are.   

This alarm is an undeniably useful tool in the event of various situations requiring emergency assistance: 

  • Faintings
  • Fall or drop from a height
  • Impacts 
  • Aggressions 

And most importantly, our system is not only a tool available for members of the security or emergency staff, but it also allows any employee to call in an incident. Therefore, passive surveillance is increased, reducing the response time. 

Panic Button 

The panic button allows an employee to quickly and effectively notify an emergency.  There are two ways to activate this alarm: 

  • Pressing a button on the phone screen
  • Shaking the phone

As well as in the case of the Man Down Alarm, the activation of the Panic Button will trigger a warning on the Dashboard screen indicating who activated the alarm, and where exactly.  

This alarm is particularly useful in certain situations: 

  • When the employee must discreetly ask for help in a risky situation with another person
  • When the employee must focus on a dangerous situation in which they need help and cannot afford to invest time in making a call and giving indications about where they are.

Any worker will be safer with indoor location alarm

Experience with our customers indicates that security and emergencies are the sectors in which our alarms are most frequently used. However, Situm’s clients from other sectors have also reported the use of these two alarms by different professional groups in violent situations with clients or due to accidents in the workplace: 

  • Information and customer support in large spaces such as airports, shopping centres, and hospitals
  • Cleaning and restaurant services in hotels and resorts
  • Operators in large factories and logistics centres
  • Operators in large factories and maintenance services provided by facility management companies in environments known to employees

In summary, location-based alarms are just some of the benefits that Situm MRM will bring to your company. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in implementing our geolocation employee management system in your company.  

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