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New geospatial representation layers for unlimited information display

Situm has just introduced new features to manage and visualize global data, making much more data available in graphical form on maps.

One of the latest developments in Situm’s indoor positioning technology affects data representation. The use of new geospatial representation layers allows the display and map representation of much more information from different data sources. 

Comprehensive positioning solutions with location intelligence

Situm’s indoor positioning technology is based on the compilation of pre-existing data in the buildings where it is deployed (electromagnetic signals, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth) and their combination with the users’ smartphones to be able to locate them with a high precision. From this initial premise we have developed various types of solutions: navigation, tracking, and monitoring. All of them are implemented in our clients’ buildings to achieve the highest precision with minimal dedicated infrastructure and immediate deployment.

However, the work does not end with the collection of the data. Location intelligence means this information is available so that our clients can use it as part of their business strategy, whether for facility management, developing geomarketing strategies, knowing their customers, monitoring their employee activity for better management, improving customer service, etc.

In Situm’s dashboard, this tool already allowed data visualization and extraction, as well as customization according to each client’s needs. With the new upgrades, its capabilities have been amplified.

What does it mean to work with new geo positioned data visualization layers?

Overall, the use of infinite geospatial representation layers means more flexibility in representing the gathered information. If before it was necessary to access each parameter separately, from now on all of them will be available on the same map. By using infinite layers, we can simultaneously visualise all the resources of the map and all the data that was previously disaggregated, for example:

  • Heatmaps with location density to find out which areas have the most activity. We can also check the exact value of each point of the map.
  • Display all the geofences set up in the building.
  • Points of Interest.
  • Trajectories followed by the staff to know if they were in the place where they had to be.
  • Users inside a building.

3D visualization for a more comprehensive understanding of the building

Another resource available from now on in Situm is the visualization of 3D floor plans. Along with the possibility of seeing where the users are positioned in real time (whether they are customers, users, employees, patients, etc.) it will also be possible to graphically identify on which floor level they are.

Previously, we had to access each floor separately to check the users that were on it. The 3D representation will make it possible to simultaneously check the data from the different floors of a building, for example:

  • Staff distribution among the different floors of a building.
  • The busiest areas of a building.
  • Areas where more events are launched, such as promotions in a shopping centre.
  • The most consulted points of interest.

Through 3D visualization, the solution manager will also be able to simultaneously compare analyses on heatmaps or trajectories, in addition to other relevant information.

All these improvements contribute to making Situm’s solutions a versatile and valuable tool for both guiding or monitoring in real time, and for obtaining strategic business information. If you would like to know more about the possibilities Situm offers in location intelligence, please do not hesitate to contact us

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