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New Javascript SDK to easily build indoor maps web apps

We’re delighted to announce that we have published the first version of our maps Javascript SDK! Situm JS SDK is a JavaScript library that allows you to build geospatial web applications leveraging Situm cartography without much effort.

This means that you will be able to create, read, update, and delete Situm cartography elements such as floorplans, points of interest and geofences. With this library, you will also be able to retrieve geospatial data such as the real-time geolocations of the users in your building. Not only that: you could even build Situm’s Real Time panel on your webpage!

Of course, you can still use our REST API… but this new library makes building Situm-based Javascript apps a no brainer. Under the hood, Situm JS SDK is implemented with Typescript, which will boost your developing experience with features like type-checking, code completion and IntelliSense in your IDEs and code editors.

What can I do with this SDK?

At Situm, we use this library to build our web dashboards and tools. So, when you see a beautiful floorplan on Situm Dashboard, or you create a point of interest in it, chances are you are already using this library behind the scenes.

This library is also used by our partners & clients to build other kinds of cartography-based apps, such as:

  • Shop directories for shopping malls’ webpages, displaying floorplans, routes, and POI search menus.
Situm's indoor maps Javascript SDK allows you to display shop directories for shopping malls' webpages with floorplans, routes, and POI search menus.
  • Floorplan navigators with POI directories, available in digital kiosks of hospitals or airports.
  • Real-Time dashboards showing the capacity of each area to increase the safety of public & private venues such as office buildings or museums.
  • Full-featured cartography apps to manage the cartography of large buildings such as smart campuses (including creating, updating, deleting and retrieving cartography elements such as floorplans, points of interest, geofences and routes).
With our indoor maps Javascript SDK you can build full-featured cartography apps to manage the cartography of large buildings such as smart campuses (including creating, updating, deleting and retrieving cartography elements such as floorplans, points of interest, geofences and routes).

All in all, this library is ideal if you are thinking of including floorplans, points of interest, geofences and routes in your web pages or digital kiosks.

What is an indoor maps Javascript SDK?

Situm JS SDK is available via NPM, so you can include it in any NPM-based app. We will also publish the library on a CDN soon, so you can integrate it directly into your HTML source code.

You may also download the source code (MIT license), build it with NPM, generate the SDK documentation (reference documentation) and ship it with your web app. If you need inspiration, you can take a look at our open-source code examples to quickly learn how to use this library.

What’s next?

We want to wrap the full REST API (geoanalytics, alarms, patrols…) to make it as easy as possible to build Javascript apps with Situm.

How can I learn more?

If you are a developer interested in using Situm JS SDK, you can read our Quickstart guide or even the full-docs & source code in our Github. You will be able to build your first web app in no time.

If you want to know how Situm can help your business, contact us at

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