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New, more dynamic, and detailed trajectory analytics with a Play & Pause function

Geospatial analytics are one of the best resources for large building managers to audit space and organize activities optimally and effectively through indoor geolocation. The latest upgrades to Situm’s platform are focused on extending and enriching analytics, including trajectory analytics.

Trajectory reporting, which allows you to visualize where geolocated mobile workers or assets have travelled, is not new to Situm. This report provides vital information for those activities where mobility is essential, making the indoor location an essential tool. Our users, especially those involved in the management of large buildings or work teams, were already using this feature on a daily basis. 

The goal: more complete and understandable information

However, these trajectories could sometimes be difficult to use. For example, it was not easy to know where a user was at a given time, the available time range was sometimes too short, and so on. Therefore, we redesigned these trajectory analytics for a better experience, focusing on making the following use cases available:

  • To easily know where a user/device was at a specific time in the past.
  • To quickly modify the time range over which you are searching to show the trajectory in a certain area.
  • To be able to visualize all the movements of a user and to be able to know in a very short time the order of the movements they have made.
  • To quickly know at what specific time a user was in a certain area.
  • To replay the user’s movements in each time interval, in addition to being able to calculate the distance drawn by the trajectory. 
trajectory analytics

The solution: more information and trajectory playback with Play & Pause

Considering the described goals, the trajectory reports, available in the control panel, already allow:

  • Retrieve and view detailed trajectories of up to 24 hours to check if the monitored user was in the scheduled places and times during the day. This menu allows you to select a specific user, as well as apply other filters such as time range or view the total distance travelled to obtain a specific trajectory.
trajectory analytics
  • Visualize the user’s position at any time thanks to a representative icon. You can play the play & pause motion with different speeds and precisely control the time range through the bottom bar. By zooming in with the magnifying glass button, you can easily clear up any doubts about a displayed trajectory by zooming in/out the time range shown on the map.
  • Fast forward to a specific time by using the player component or by clicking on a path on the map.  This will allow you, immediately, to know where a user was at a certain time or, additionally, to know at what time a user was in an area.
  • The jump filter makes it possible to fine-tune the drawn trajectories according to the speed of the person carrying the device so that the user’s route can be displayed in the best possible way and with more reliable positions. This new feature solves the problem that some smartphones presented when sending estimated positions, which were not as accurate as they should have been.
  • “Follow the user” function, which centres the user’s position on the screen and follows the user as they move around. It facilitates the tracking of a user moving between several floors, a particularly useful function when managing a large building with many floors.

These new functionalities have also led to an aesthetic redesign of the Summary and Control window to adapt it to the new trajectory analytics and make them easier to use and interpret.

trajectory analytics

Geolocated trajectories, a useful resource for different industries

Following these improvements, we have increased the knowledge that managers of work teams or large buildings have about the space and the activities that take place in them. This redesign of trajectory analytics means more benefits for any of the sectors where Situm already offers geolocation solutions:

  • PRM care services: managers of companies assisting people with reduced mobility will be able to check if one of their agents was at the boarding gate at the required time, for example. In this way, we will always have proof of the scheduled work in case of penalties from the airport or airline.
  • Industry: path analysis makes it possible to visualize the work performed by a forklift or cleaning machine, easily reviewing specific parts of the day.
  • Security: The new analytics will allow you to determine where one of your guards was at the time of an incident such as a robbery, for example. In addition, this function will also provide information on the distance travelled by one or more workers during their workday, which also provides an additional level of transparency and knowledge of the activities carried out.

And they are not the only ones, as we should not forget the cleaning services that regularly move around the facilities, or the maintenance and facility management services, hospital staff, large hotel resorts, etc.

If you want to know the potential of our analytics and how they can be adapted to the needs of your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

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