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Situm MRM: Efficient employee management with indoor geolocation without additional infrastructure

With real-time tracking and monitoring of workers, Situm MRM allows full control over processes and promotes transparency between managers and workers, companies and suppliers.

Indoor geolocation is a tool that significantly helps any company needing to organise and manage its employees in large and complex buildings. It has many applications and they depend on the company and its specific needs, but they all have the same objective: to optimise human resources and organise the activities to obtain greater profitability. Experience shows that, with the information and streamlining our solution provides, you can achieve up to a 30% improvement in productivity.

Situm MRM is the result of many years of working with large companies worldwide. Thanks to this experience, a comprehensive, robust and versatile solution has been designed to enable geolocation of employees via their mobile phone and their monitoring and management via a multifunction control panel.

A disruptive solution: maximum precision, minimum infrastructure, fast deployment.

The deployment of our solution does not require complex installations or large investments, and it is implemented in record time. The key is a proprietary technology that overcomes the lack of a GPS signal inside buildings, taking advantage of the existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth infrastructure. A complex technology for a simple solution that has several advantages:

  • Minimal investment, since it uses the building’s existing infrastructure.
  • The worker is located and monitored in real time.
  • All the information is recorded, and the system provides valuable analytics: heat maps with location density, routes followed on the rounds, access to restricted areas, distribution of staff or duration of activities…
  • Increased worker safety by reducing reaction time in emergencies, as Situm MRM adds smart alarms for Man Down or Panic Button.

Prevent inefficiencies due to poor staff management

Understanding where employees and assets are in real time is essential to maintain high productivity and gain a competitive advantage. The priority is to improve the services we provide and prevent profitability leaks, one of the great challenges facing any company with many staff. In this sense, Situm MRM allows you to have everything under control in a systematic and simple way, without the need for long training processes.

All this results in concrete and tangible benefits such as avoiding deviations in work dynamics, reducing idle time or eliminating task duplication. Beyond a time control system that only guarantees the “physical presence” of the worker within the facilities, Situm MRM tracks the activities throughout the day to establish a workload/capacity assessment. This is the best way to analyse whether the daily planning is adequate.

Audit all activity and take control of the processes

Controlling the activity carried out in a company is a benefit for the entire chain of professionals involved. Undoubtedly, this monitoring increases transparency in the relationship between employees and managers, as well as between companies and their service providers:

Workers know that their activity is recorded and, therefore, this exempts them from any responsibility in the event of a contingency.

  • The team manager (external or internal) can justify the work carried out throughout the day.
  • All the stored data also facilitates the study of work dynamics, and the information obtained allows profitability leaks to be erased or, if necessary, penalties to be clarified.

The perfect solution to optimise large workforces

If your company needs to manage a large number of employees who perform their tasks in large and complex buildings, Situm MRM is a great ally to gain efficiency and competitiveness. Currently, numerous companies trust us to manage their processes in a wide variety of sectors and buildings:

  • Security and surveillance services in shopping centres, airports, train and metro stations, corporate buildings, stadiums and fairgrounds
  • General cleaning and maintenance services provided by facility management companies
  • Employee management in factories, production plants, warehouses and logistics centres.
  • Access control and safety management on work sites and constructions.
  • Management of operators in airports and train stations for the provision of handling and assistance services to persons with reduced mobility (PRM).

Experience shows us that there is a long list of profiles that can benefit from our technology, but they all pursue the same objective: to improve work dynamics with existing resources. 

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