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Situm WYF 3.0: Revolutionizing Indoor Navigation Maps

Ready for a game-changer in the realm of indoor navigation maps? Say hello to the new Situm WYF, our latest ground-breaking software that’s set to redefine how you interact with indoor maps.

In today’s fast-paced world, simplicity is key. That’s why last year we’ve developed our Map Viewer, a web based indoor cartography visualizer that you can integrate in your website or kiosk with a mere 5-line code snippet.

Map Viewer doesn’t just show you the way—it brings the entire building to life. From base floorplans to points of interest, it provides a comprehensive view of your surroundings, and even generates the quickest routes between two points. Plus, with its 2.5D feature capability using GeoJSON / IMDF maps, it brings a whole new dimension to indoor navigation maps.

Map Viewer isn’t just a concept—it’s a proven success. From the thrilling F1 STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix to the bustling Nhood – Vialia Vigo Shopping Mall, it’s revolutionized navigation experiences in a multitude of settings.

But we’re not stopping there. Why not mix the best indoor positioning system in the market with a stunning indoor mapping experience? The result is nothing short of spectacular: Situm WYF 3.0.

Today, we’re excited to invite you to be part of this journey. Contact us to join our beta program and experience the revolution that is Situm WYF 3.0. Your indoor navigation will never be the same.

Intuitive Guidance with Dynamic and Static Navigation

Situm WYF 3.0 brings indoor navigation to the next level with static and dynamic guidance. Now, users can navigate between two Points of Interest (POIs) or from their current location to a POI, with ease.

Both modes use a ‘breadcrumb trail’ to clearly show the route and provide real-time updates on remaining time and distance. With dynamic guidance, the route adjusts to the user’s movements, recalculating when necessary and acknowledging upon arrival at the destination. This seamless blend of navigation styles enhances user experience by making indoor navigation maps more intuitive and responsive.

Advanced POI Display Based on Zoom Level and Density

Our new Situm WYF 3.0 has redefined the way Points of Interest (POIs) are displayed. To avoid overcrowding in dense areas, we’ve implemented an intelligent system that selectively hides POIs based on proximity.

If on a certain zoom level two or more POIs are too close together, one of them will not be shown (randomly or based on its configurable priority). We also support top-level POIs, that will always be shown, no matter what.

This strategy provides a clearer, more intuitive map view, enhancing user navigation even in the most crowded indoor environments.

“What’s Nearby” Exploration Made Easy with Category & Subcategory Filtering, and POI search

Situm WYF 3.0 introduces two major features to let you explore the venue and your surroundings. On the one hand, you can use the POI search bar to easily find your destination based on the POI name. On the other, you can quickly filter the Points of Interest (POIs) visible on the map by using the category and subcategory filtering ‘chips’.

These features streamline the map exploration process, allowing users to quickly identify what’s around them and find what they’re looking for without hassle. They provide a powerful tool for familiarizing oneself with a building and highlighting key landmarks, allowing you to navigate complex indoor environments without hassle.

POI information visualization

Situm WYF 3.0 streamlines user interaction with Points of Interest (POIs). A simple click brings up an interactive modal with enriched text, images, and videos offering detailed POI insights. Configured via the Situm Dashboard, this feature presents diverse information—from shop hours and hospital doctor details to restaurant menus and promotional QR codes—making indoor navigation a comprehensive, engaging, and informative experience.

Tailored User Experience with High Configurability

Situm WYF 3.0 focuses on personalization, offering wide-ranging customization to suit individual user needs.

From adjusting initial map views and controlling visibility of interface elements like the POI searcher or category filters, to setting POI display limits for a cleaner interface or a more detailed view.

Beyond these, users can also tailor the aesthetics, personalizing base map styles, POI name color, route color and animation, and shading color of the selected POI.

In essence, Situm WYF 3.0 is highly adaptable, allowing users to tailor their navigation experience to their unique preferences.

Tailored User Experience for indoor navigation maps with High Configurability

Out of the box support for raster floorplans, raster tiles and GeoJSON/IMDF floorplans

Situm WYF 3.0 stands out with its versatile support for various floorplan formats. Whether it’s raster floorplans, raster tiles, or GeoJSON/IMDF floorplans, our software seamlessly handles them all.

This multi-format compatibility not only ensures a smooth integration process but also empowers users to select the format that best serves their needs. As a result, Situm WYF 3.0 not only simplifies indoor navigation but also offers an enhanced level of adaptability to your unique needs.

Multilingual Interface: Bridging Language Barriers in Indoor Navigation Maps

Recognizing the diverse needs of our global user base, Situm WYF 3.0 has made significant strides in language support. The interface has been translated into nine languages (more coming soon!): Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese , Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish , ensuring a comfortable user experience for a wide range of users across different regions, both for LeftToRight and RightToLeft languages.

But we didn’t stop at the interface. We understand that the language of the map content itself plays a crucial role in user navigation. That’s why we’ve made the cartographic elements and their content translatable to any language, reflecting these translations in Situm WYF 3.0. This includes elements like the building’s name, floor name, POI categories and the name and information of Points of Interest.

Forward Looking: Elevating Indoor Navigation Maps Experience

In our constant quest to enhance the Situm WYF experience, we’re excited to share a glimpse into what we’re envisioning for the coming months.

Soon, we’re focusing on improving user experience through a smarter, user-friendly design. Expect to see a more intelligent POI search system, individualized POI icons, and a complete transition from Situm WYF to Situm WYF 3.0 on all platforms. We’re also working towards increasing offline capabilities, route simplicity, and more customization options.

Looking further ahead, we envision rich 3D maps and more precise step-by-step directions. We’re exploring enhanced content management and, if the market aligns, even delving into Augmented Reality.

These enhancements signify our commitment to improving and evolving our services. Stay tuned for these exciting developments in the world of indoor navigation maps with Situm.

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