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Situm Covid 19 brings security to industrial spaces upon return to factories

The lockdown scenario that took place worldwide has affected all the industrial network and already quantifies its costs in millions euros (or dollars). After hibernating in the last months, the industrial activity start retaking their work within the next few weeks. To avoid the threat of new hotspots in the workplace and preserve the staff health, necessary measures are being set in place all over the world in order to keep the population safe and avoid new COVID-19 outbreaks. That’s why we have adapted our technology to the ‘new normal’ so that the industry is able to automate all of their protocols and to keep working being highly competitive. This is Situm Covid-19.

The whole planet is trying to clarify which will be the general guidelines to be followed by the industrial world. No doubt, we are facing an unprecedented challenge: to maintain economic viability and guarantee the good health of a large staff that, on many occasions, has to constantly move through big factories.

For all these reasons, expert committees around the world are working to establish common guidelines that guarantee sufficient physical distancing and, although it doesn’t look simple, it seems that it is being achieved. We can take the Guidelines for good practice in the industrial sector that the National  Institute for Security and Occupational Health (INSST) has published as an example because they’re very similar to the ones being approved on an European and International level. This report contains many guidelines but in advance we can cite:

It is necessary to make workers conscious about the importance of immediately communicate the rise of symptoms compatible with the disease, or, in any case, if they have been in direct contact with affected people.

  • Differentiated Entry and Exit zones will be established and properly marked in the workplace in order to prevent the formation of crowds.
  • Fingerprint based logging systems must be avoided while other ways must be set in place in order to prevent workers from having contact with the same surface.
  • In the case of workers from different organizations that carry out their activities on one common workplace such as industrial facilities, the same measures will apply for all workers, independent from the company they belong to/work for.
  • Shifts for the use of common areas (lunchroom, toilets, changing rooms etc) will be established to ensure that safety distances are respected at all times. These areas will need to be disinfected periodically, preferably between uses.

Safety distance and capacity control, the keys to the new working dynamics

Situm MRM has been designed to always have employees and mobile assets (forklifts, industrial vehicles…) located, and thus improve response times and increase profitability. But now, the priorities marked by the pandemic are different: it is urgent to guarantee the fulfillment of the social security distance and the capacity.

That is why we have adapted our indoor geopositioning system to the new situation: Situm COVID 19, a technology that solves a large part of the problems facing the industrial sector today.

Among its features we can highlight:

  • It needs almost no dedicated infrastructure as it takes advantage of existing WiFi and Bluetooth networks.
  • The system will be operational in just one week.
  • It is only necessary to provide workers with a smartphone.
  • Detection and tracking by plant.
  • Reception of all the information in a clear and intuitive way by means of maps or graphics on a single screen.
  • All the information gathered during the different shifts is recorded in analytics and statistics that allow a detailed study at a later date.

What does all this mean?

The adoption of our technology allows to record in detail the activity and the dynamics of work, which makes the management of this “new normality” much easier. Among all its applications we can highlight:

  • Safety distance control: the solution will alert the worker if he is at risk of not complying with the minimum safety distance.
  • Capacity control: it will notify if there is a risk of exceeding the recommended number of people in a space, such as in common areas (changing rooms, cafeteria, dining rooms…). To do this, we use our geofence technology which allows us to delimit and analyse the use made of a specific place.
  • Employee traceability: all users leave a trace in the system, so that in the event of any contagion, the personnel who have been in contact with those affected can be identified quickly and effectively.
  • Automatic detection of any entrance or exit from the facilities, which provides a system of presence control ( checking in ) without the need to establish contact with any surface.
  • Geolocated notifications: in order to ensure that personnel follow strict hygiene guidelines, the system can send notices reminding them which protocols they must follow when passing through a certain location.

This is just a small summary of the main applications of Situm Covid 19, a system that benefits from our long experience in positioning technology deployed in more than 6,000 buildings in 70 countries. If you want more information, contact us using this form.

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