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Champalimaud Foundation launches innovative app developed by Waveform with Situm Indoor Navigation

The Champalimaud Foundation is a medical, scientific and technological institution dedicated to the study of cancer and neuroscience. In Champalimaud Clinical Centre for the Unknown, one of the most important biomedical research centres in the world, interdisciplinary clinical care is developed alongside applied research activities and advanced medical and technical education programmes.

The Champalimaud Center for the Unknown

The Champalimaud Campus occupies a surface of 105,000 square meters and is made up of the Centre for the Unknown, the Pancreatic Centre and the AI Building. The main building accommodates the diagnostic and treatment facilities, with its outdoor garden, research laboratories and administrative services all interlinked to promote conviviality and collaboration among scientists, clinicians and other professionals. The tropical garden, covered by a pergola, emerges as the central piece of this edifice. The Botton-Champalimaud Pancreatic Cancer Centre building is the first in the world simultaneously dedicated to the research and treatment of pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest types of cancer. Combining state of the art services and equipment, aimed at guaranteeing the well-being and comfort of patients, supported by the most advanced techniques, and resulting from an exclusive aesthetic approach, this centre comprises areas of research laboratories, a day hospital, a surgical centre, as well as inpatient and intensive care facilities.

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Situm for Champalimaud Hospital Center 1
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Indoor Navigation to improve patient experience

The Champalimaud Foundation, renowned for its cutting-edge biomedical research and clinical provision, has always placed great importance on improving patient experiences. This partnership with Waveform and Situm reflects the foundation’s dedication to innovation and accessibility in healthcare.

“The integration of Situm’s indoor navigation technology in our new app reflects our ongoing commitment to combine clinical and research excellence with patients’ comfort; comfort and friendly solutions are an essential part of our view on personalized and humanized care and its effectiveness” said João Silveira Botelho, Foundation’s vice-president. “This partnership with Waveform and Situm will offer an enhanced, user-friendly way for patients and visitors to navigate our expansive facility.”

The navigation system incorporated into the app boasts a cutting-edge interface that delivers precise and clear instructions. Visitors and users of the application can effortlessly find their way around the Centre, locating key amenities, departments, labs, medical facilities, and even their parked car, without getting lost or needing assistance.

Seamless Integration

A key highlight of this collaboration is the easy integration of the indoor navigation system in the application. Waveform, known for its skill in developing intuitive, user-friendly applications, worked closely with Situm to ensure the navigation feature is as accessible and straightforward as possible.

“The integration process was surprisingly seamless, thanks largely to the excellent compatibility between Situm’s system and our own software frameworks,” shared Luis Leite from Waveform. “Our combined efforts have resulted in a tool that truly stands out in terms of convenience, functionality, and ease of use.

User-Friendly Experience

The navigation system offers a consistent, fluid user experience. As users navigate the venue, the app automatically change from outdoor to indoor navigation, ensuring their journey, whether they are moving between buildings or within a single facility, is smooth and uninterrupted.

The application features a clean, intuitive design that requires minimal technical know-how, making it accessible to a wide range of users, including those with little experience in using similar technologies.

“We’ve prioritized ease of use and integration in developing this app. We wanted to create an app that enhances user experience, not complicates it,” said Luis Leite from Waveform. “Working with Situm’s advanced navigation solution allowed us to easily integrate a powerful tool into our application.”

The integration of Situm’s navigation system in the app demonstrates the potential for innovative tech solutions in healthcare and research facilities.

“We are excited about the possibilities this app opens up” said João Silveira Botelho. “We are committed to delivering a world-class experience for everyone who steps through our doors. This app is just another way we’re meeting that commitment.”

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