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How to increase the productivity of employees and processes in a hotel through geolocation

Indoor geolocation covers two of the main needs of the hotel industry. First, it contributes to improving the guest experience by providing them with tools for guidance, as well as useful information during their stay. In addition, this technology is also a plus for the internal hotel management and organization, increasing employee productivity through its monitoring and tracking.

Hotels are like small worlds in one or several buildings. Although clearly the main focus is on accommodation, in many of them you can also have a meal, play sports, get a massage or a beauty treatment, set up a business meeting or engage in a wide variety of activities within a space that sometimes resembles a small town.

At the same time, this diversity of spaces implies the need for a large workforce: from housekeeping to hotel management, including maintenance, security, and all those professionals needed according to the characteristics of each hotel.

What role can indoor geolocation play in this whole structure? A system like Situm’s, which is highly accurate and whose quick deployment does not require dedicated infrastructure, is already being applied both for guest guidance, as in the case of the large Mexican resorts Oasis Hotels & Resorts, and for employee management and monitoring. In this article, we will focus on this last tool and how to use geolocation to manage employees and tasks to increase a hotel’s productivity.

Indoor geolocation to increase productivity

The diversity of spaces we mentioned previously is one of the main reasons why indoor tracking is a great tool for hotel employee management. When you implement it in your building or facility, since it works both indoors and outdoors, it opens the door to increase productivity by up to 30% by being able to audit the activities of your employees to act accordingly.

Situm MRM is Situm’s real-time management platform, an indoor location-based solution that, through a single control panel, allows you to visualize all monitored workers:

  • Cleaning.
  • Security.
  • Maintenance.
  • Hospitality…

Notifications and geopositioned tasks

Monitoring employees does not only mean knowing where they are but also being able to contact them quickly and at the right time. Employee monitoring solutions provide a personalized task notification system through geolocation thanks to geofencing.

This system also allows us to know who is in each area of our hotel in real time to distribute the work logically and efficiently. For example, in a large resort, it would be possible to notify the cleaning staff closest to where their are needed, instead of having to send someone from farther away. Similarly, guests will also be able to request a service and be attended to by the nearest waiter. Obviously, this process optimization translates into a better customer experience. In large hotel resorts, it is not only important to have resources available, but also to use them as efficiently as possible. We are dealing with huge spaces and many employees that may need to be redistributed according to their geolocation.

All these functionalities, among many others that can be adapted to each building, are provided through Situm’s SDKs and API REST, developer packages that allow as much customization as possible in the client’s app. Other tools, such as polygonal geofences, allow a precise delimitation of the space. However, Situm MRM is the out-of-the-box solution and contains all the essential functionalities for an efficient hotel employee management through geolocation.

Intelligent alarms for hotel employees

But this system not only results in better work management but also in more security. For this purpose, we have two specific tools at our disposal:

  • The Panic Button, of special relevance for the hotel industry.
  • The Man Down alarm, which detects falls or fainting and immediately locates the worker.

In this way, your workers will always be located and will also have intelligent safety buttons to trigger an emergency alert when necessary.

Geoanalytics to audit the compliance of the service

Having tools to manage activities in a hotel or resort is important. However, it is also essential to be able to report on key activities to audit both spaces and work teams.

Situm has analytics based on geospatial data obtained with the positioning, which will give you both an accurate and generalized view of the activities of your employees.

If you want to implement an indoor positioning system in your hotel or resort, either to implement guest guidance in your mobile application or for employee management through geolocation, do not hesitate to ask for more information.

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