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Situm deploys its indoor positioning system for the guiding of guests in Grand Oasis Cancun, one of Mexico’s largest resorts.

How much time does a guest waste trying to get their bearings in a big resort? How do these timeouts in guests’ overall experience and satisfaction with the service? These are some of the questions that concern companies in the tourism sector the most, companies who come to us in search of an indoor guiding solution. We tell you the story of Oasis Hotels & Resorts, who already have deployed our technology in Grand Oasis Cancun in order to improve the experience of its clients through a solution of maximum precision, minimum infrastructure and fast implantation that will also help to manage their facilities and programming events.

One of the most demanded leisure offers today are the stays in resorts. More than just a hotel place, these spaces are created with the sole purpose of offering a range of differentiated environments and diversified activities so that their clients find all their necessities fulfilled within these facilities.

This is the case of Grand Oasis Cancun, a luxury complex that belongs to our client Oasis Hotels & Resorts, and is situated in Cancun. From its emblematic pyramid, the deployment of the facilities is done in a horizontal manner to adapt in this way to the natural resources of the area. Its more than 150.000 m2 surface area include pools, beaches, gardens, golf courts, sports areas, convention areas and dozens of restaurants beside their hotel facilities.

It’s complexity not only is reduced to the fixed spaces but it also provides a huge range of shows, concerts, children events that make the stay of their clients pleasant and dynamic. These activities overlap in time to adapt them to the different guest profiles and change places depending on their theme.

But all of this effort to amplify the offer in terms of space and services can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Our experience tells us that the fact that the risk of the clients feeling disoriented or that they waste a lot of their time looking for a destination is real and can potentially have a negative impact on their overall experience and satisfaction. So then, how could guests move autonomously and comfortably through the complex? This is the critical aspect where Situm’s guiding solution helps guests and guarantees that they have access to all information on what the resort has to offer in real-time, so they can move freely and autonomously through the facilities both indoors and outdoors. It also does it with maximum precision, minimum infrastructure and in record deployment time.

The invisible technology that helps the guest feel at home

In a record implantation time of only a week, Situm deployed it’s indoor and outdoor positioning system in Grand Oasis Cancun. This implantation was done, also, requiring minimum infrastructure thanks to the use of existing WiFi networks, the key to Situm’s positioning technology. So it was only necessary to use beacons ( little autonomous devices that emit BLE signals and don’t require any connections) in places in which the WiFi signal was not as intense.

In this way, Grand Oasis Cancun  benefits from the advantages of this technology from the start:

  • Hotel’s normal activity is not interrupted during its implantation because it does not require infrastructure deployments.
  • The solution is available to be used and monetized from day one thanks to its reduced implantation time.
  • Maintenance necessity is reduced to the minimum.

The guiding technology that transforms the user’s experience.

The hotel sector knows perfectly well its client’s profile and knows that it would value positively the use of technological tools that help them enjoy their stay and the facilities where spaces and leisure offers are many. And it’s just that graphic maps or dependency on hotel personnel for help are not the best way to give autonomy to the client or achieve their complete satisfaction during their stay anymore.

Data proves it right: 65% of hotel guests consider important or very important that hosting centres have technological tools to improve the customer’s experience, according to study “Creating the Coveted, Hotel Guest Experience” done by Phocuswright and Oracle. Moreover, the article reveals that more and more travellers choose to stay in places that have platforms that allow them to organise their activities from their mobile devices.

Situm IPS is the trusty base on top of which the application of any large resort may add the services that it may deem appropriate to their clients. Services that can be provided from it are many and make a difference that would be appreciated by all users.

What will your customer perceive?  

  • At check-in,  the customer will be able to download a corporate app that incorporates the indoor navigation functionality. This will become their main tool to move through the facilities as well as their schedule to plan their time.
  • Since the customer is probably familiar with geopositioning tools in smartphones, the use of this app will be completely intuitive and won’t require further advice.
  • Customers will always be informed of any changes. The application is dynamic so changes can be made on the fly, guaranteeing that customers will be informed of any alteration in their schedules.
  • Our tool allows guests to receive automatic notifications on their mobile devices when entering different áreas (deals, information on each restaurant’s specialties, nearby toilets, etc.) These ads can even be personalised according to the guest’s profile, to better fit with their interests (families, couples, businessmen, etc…)
  • The solution allows tracing paths for people with reduced mobility so customers with these needs can feel perfectly attended and included in the dynamics of the place.

No doubt, the current challenge of this sector is setting itself apart from the competition and achieving total satisfaction of its customers. This is why Situm does not add complexity to the situation, on the contrary, it reduces the efforts of the staff and guarantees a tool that will help the users focus on what truly matters to them: their stay.

If you are interested in installing an indoor guiding solution to improve your customers’ experience, do not hesitate to contact us through

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