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How indoor positioning analytics can turn into the best tool for a security company.

Knowing security guards’ activities is key in order to guarantee any facility’s security as well as consolidating the relationship between the company and its customers. In order for data to become really valuable information, it should be recollected in a continuous, reliable and detailed way, be easy to visualise, be transferable to the customer and accessible in real-time.

There are plenty of solutions that allow outdoor activity logging for agents and security vehicles but practically all of them are based on the use of GPS to recollect data. The problem is presented, however, when trying to record these activity logs in indoor spaces, because there is no GPS signal.

A unique indoor location technology to get precise data on the security guard’s activity.

Situm’s indoorlocation systemhas surpassed the GPS barrier to locate people indoors and it does it by taking advantage of WiFi signals present in the well as the data gathered by the mobile phone’s inertial sensors.

For the monitoring of guards, data gathering is done through Situm MRM Tracker, the app installed in the smartphone that the guard is to carry with him during his shift. The recording of data in the system is continuous, even in spaces where there’s no coverage like parkings or basements.

But our objective is not to aimlessly gather data but give it meaning and provide understandable and manageable information to our customers.

What information does Situm MRM provide?

The system provides different analytics which, combined, reliably reflect how surveillance work is being carried out

  • Users: This analytic allows to corroborate the number of users that have been located in each floor in order to verify the number of guards that have carried out the service and in which floor they have done their rounds.
  • Users sessions on areas: Allows checking the areas through which a guard has been working and the time that they have stayed in each of them. In the case of Situm, these areas can be delimited through the polygonal geofence
    which, different from the circular geofence, allows to define with more precision the places in which data is to be gathered, thus avoiding inexact data.
  • Heatmaps: Density of locations is shown through heatmaps, which allow to identify the indoor and outdoor spaces where guards have beel located and where they have spent the most time.
  • Routes analytics: Through the tracing of a path, the routes made by the guard during the period of time consulted, both indoors and outdoors, are displayed on the map. Data on the distance travelled is also provided.

Situm MRM’s real and verifiable benefits:

There are various benefits that can be obtained from having a reliable source of information on surveillance activity:

  • Excellence in the audit of services provided to clients. 100% of our clients use these geo-analytics to audit the service and reporting information to their clients in order to consolidate and retain the business relationship with their clients.
  • Have objective information in order to facilitate the fulfilment of tasks in a more efficient and coordinated way.
  • Improve the daily work dynamics, ensuring total coverage of the space, avoiding duplicities or leaving critical areas without monitoring.
  • Prevent profitability leakage, redistributing the workload according to the data.

The best proof that of all the benefits that Situm MRM offers is that 95% of our clients renew their licenses and expand the number of monitored guards after the first year.

 If you would like us to analyse your use case and ask for a free demo don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form. 

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