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Indoor navigation to boost commercial areas at airports

Airports have become a place with a huge traffic of people. Millions of dollars of investment have made major airports more than just buildings for flights. Customer expectations about what they can do have changed completely in the last decade. Managers of these facilities must meet the new demands by adopting the most disruptive technological solutions. Indoor geopositioning is becoming particularly relevant, and Situm is a reference for its indoor navigation technology with the highest accuracy and minimum dedicated infrastructure.

Indoor navigation for airports

In these small cities that the airports have become, the commercial areas as added value for the passenger and as extra income for the airports are decisive. The great problem for airport managers is that they must evolve a management model focused on the transit of people to another of the exploitation of the spaces. Airports that want to generate more revenues, increase profitability and increase productivity must ensure that the customer enjoys the stay and is motivated to shop during it.

How to make the passenger enjoy the space more?

Being located inside an airport is often a barrier that causes a bad experience for the visitor, which translates into a waste of their stay and a lower spending during it. To locate a person in real time inside the facilities, where the GPS does not work, is a challenge that Situm has overcome with a technology of indoor positioning for smartphones that combines the already existing WiFi and Bluetooth signals in the building with the data provided by the inertial sensors of the phone to locate them with a high precision.

Indoor navigation in airports and much more

Once this barrier is overcome, the tools included in the Situm indoor positioning platform allow the airport manager to provide services that enhance the visitor experience.

Passenger guidance.  At international airports, getting to the boarding gates or finding what we are looking for can become an odyssey. Offering travellers an app that integrates indoor navigation helps them to be more relaxed and to spend more time in shopping areas or cafes, for example. By guiding the customer through the facilities, they have a better experience that will translate into more revenue. This also enriches the airport apps, which are very focused on providing real-time flight information.

Promotions. The discounts and promotions that can be offered to the traveler on products and services marketed at the airport facilitate an immediate purchase and increased spending. This marketing tool allows businesses established in the airport to increase their sales, the passenger to take advantage of discounts and opportunities, and the airport to increase the attractiveness of commercial spaces for companies that are considering installing in them. The polygonal geofencing tool included in Situm IPS allows for the notification of promotions on the visitor’s mobile phone based on their location and to manage these actions easily and precisely.

Geoanalytics. Knowing the use made of the facilities allows a better organization of the spaces. The Situm platform provides data on the number of visitors, where they circulate, or how long they stay, among others. From this data, the manager obtains strategic information to optimize the use of space.

Employee management by geolocation. Handling and other auxiliary services such as surveillance, cleaning or maintenance are more efficient thanks to the real-time monitoring of employees, which allows processes to be optimized and better managed in real time, something that will have a positive impact on the traveler’s experience.

Indoor navigation in airports is already a key tool for many of the major airport managers for their service providers.

If you are interested in learning how our solutions for indoor navigation and employee management can benefit from geolocation, please contact us using this form.


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