Indoor Location for safer, cosier and more connected hospitals

Indoor navigation app to take stress off Patients by guiding them to their specialized medical consultations

Take stress off Patients by guiding them to their specialized medical consultations

Indoor navigation app to free health professionals from wasting time giving directions

Free health professionals from wasting time giving directions

Improve admitted Patients’s safety by keeping them located

Optimize the use of O.Rs and the location of mobile equipment

Make sure that facilities are kept in peak condition.


They trust hospital indoor navigation to improve visitor experience

Hospital Indoor Navigation app for Grupo Quirón

Grupo Quirón

Indoor navigation and monitoring solutions in five hospitals and two health centers of one of the European leaders in private healthcare (Quirón app with indoor positioning and indoor navigation)

Hospital Indoor Navigation app for hospitals in Turkey and USA


Various deployments for the guiding of patients and visitors in Turkey, including one of Europe’s largest hospital and medical centers complexes: Mersin hospital (Mersin hospital app with wayfinding)

Hospital Indoor Navigation app for Spanish hospitals


Indoor positioning system deployments for the guiding of visitors and patients in more than 20 public hospitals and health centers in Galicia – Spain (Sigue, Sergas app with real time indoor navigation)


Corepart and Situm have implemented a security system to increase the safety of orderlies at a medical center in Sweden, so that they can be located at all times and activate geo-alarms if they are in danger.

Hospital Indoor Navigation app for Champalimaud Clinical Center with Find my Car


The Champalimaud Clinical Center for the Unknown app, in Lisbon, developed by Waveform with Situm Indoor Navigation System, reflects the foundation’s commitment to innovation & accessibility.


What our clients use us for in


Hospital Indoor navigation

  • Guide patients to waiting rooms and specialized consultations
  • Locating rooms for visits to admitted patients
  • Guide internship students, visiting doctors and Facility Management services employees
  • Special routes for people with reduced mobility (PRM)
  • Notice of entry into restricted access areas

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Indoor Navigation solutions

Staff tracking

  • Management of O.R’s occupancy
  • Coordination of cleaning services
  • Task assignment to wardens and other auxiliary personnel.
  • Obtaining geoanalytics on the maintenance work carried out
  • Access control to restricted areas

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Tracking solutions


How do I implement Situm in my hospital?

Although we offer you the possibility of hiring the system deployment, you can carry out the implementation yourself by following a few simple steps

Indoor mapping

1. Set up your map

Hospital indoor navigation cartography management

Upload the map to Situm Dashboard and create POIs & routes

2. Publish your interactive map

Hospital Indoor Navigation Maps for websites, kiosks and smartphones.

Show your map in websites, kiosks & mobiles with a 5-line code snippet

3. Optionally complete with QR codes

Hospital Indoor Navigation with QR

You can also provide step-by-step directions from QR stickers placed in the venue.

Indoor navigation

1. Set up your map

Hospital indoor navigation cartography management

Upload the map to Situm Dashboard and create POIs & routes

2. Calibrate your building

Collect building signs with just one walk using the Situm Mapping Tool.

3. Integrate RT Navigation into your app

Create and publish a mobile app with real time wayfinding in minutes or create a fully customised one with our SDK.

Indoor tracking

1. Set up your map and users

Once the map is set up, assign permissions, patrols & tasks to staff.

2. Install Situm MRM Tracker app

Locate smartphones, manage tasks and send alarms.

3. Monitor and audit your staff

Manage your staff in real time and get analytics with Situm Dashboard or our Rest APIs



Empowering accesibility with hospital indoor navigation

Empowering accessibility: Situm’s commitment to inclusive hospital indoor Navigation 

Our suite of accessibility features are designed to make hospital indoor navigation intuitive, comprehensive, and inclusive, both through interactive maps and wayfinding apps.



Hospital Indoor Navigation App with Find my car

“Find my car” with Champalimaud medical center’s hospital indoor navigation app

Champalimaud medical center visitors can effortlessly find their way to their parked car thanks to its app enriches with wayfinding in real time.



Hospital indoor navigation map for websites and kiosks

How to create & embed indoor maps in a web app in the twinkling of an eye

Some developers want to enable Situm’s Wayfinding capabilities without an app and offer the full indoor and outdoor navigation hospital experience through a web browser.




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