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Transform your basic building floor plans into an amazing interactive 3D experience

Join with SWIM (Situm Wayfinding & Indoor Maps) and dive into a stunning unique visitor’s wayfinding experience through a fully customizable indoor maps platform:

  • From 9’5 € / day*
  • In less than a week
  • No infrastucture / app required
  • Multiplatform to allow visitors to navigate to any desire destination from Web, Kiosks or Mobile via QRs

* Subject to further hiring condition

The easiest way to integrate indoor maps into websites or kiosks

With an indoor map integrated with only a 5-line code, a user can see all the cartography elements of the building, including the base floorplans, image or tile-based, the building’s points of interest and even get the directions between two points. 

A multiplatform indoor mapping system for static wayfinding to guide without real time location or apps

Provide indoor maps to guide without asking the user to download an app and offering the full indoor and outdoor navigation experience through websites, kiosks and mobiles. 

Route calculation to Points of Interest

Create different routes for different users, such as accessible itineraries for people with reduced mobility or specific paths over restricted areas for employees. Provide the route to follow and an estimate of the duration.

Continue indoor mapping on smartphones

Situm Wayfinding and Indoor Mapping allows companies and visitors to share step-by-step directions to points of interest (POIs) on indoor maps via QR. These QRs can be provided either through maps available on websites or physical stickers at the venue.

A complete library of icons for POIs

We provide a complete library of icons for map points of interest, transverse and sector specific, which grows daily with the possibility of customisation.

Enrich your map with 3D elements

Highlight points of interest on the map such as stairs, lifts, taxis or vegetation with 3D elements. We can also recreate iconic elements of your building in 3 dimensions!

A powerful CMS to easily edit your indoor maps

Upload, manage or modify your floor plans and Points of Interest directly from your internet browser and keep everything up to date. Personalize your indoor maps with your brand identity, logos & colours. 

Outdoor & indoor mapping success cases

Shopping malls, Formula 1 circuits and large events have integrated indoor and outdoor maps on their websites with all the information about the venue and turn-by-turn directions to and from every point of interest.

SPS Italia by Messe Frankfurt with Situm Indoor Mapping System

SPS Italia Messe Frankfurt

The largest trade fair for Automation and Digitalization of Industry held in Italy.

Saudi Arabia Formula 1 Grand Prix

The event brings together thousands of participants from various parts of the world.

Situm for Quito Airport

Quito International Airport

The busiest passenger airport in Ecuador and one of the largest in Southamerica.

74th Jalsa Salana USA

The event brings together thousands of participants from various parts of the world.

AFDB Anual Meeting

The venue includes the ninth tallest building in Kenya: 105 meters tall with 32 floors total

Nhood Vialia Vigo Mall

More than 120 retail, restaurants and entertaiment units in a venue that includes bus and train station.

F1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi with Situm Indoor Mapping System

F1 Etihad
Abu Dhabi GP

The circuit includes a theme park, marina, water park, hotels, and other exclusive areas for attendees.

Situm indoor mapping for Marineda City

Marineda City Mall

Nearly 190 restaurants in the second largest shopping complex in Spain with 400,000 m2 of floor space.

Superinvestors event with Situm Indoor Mapping System

Superinvestor by Totem

Indoor mapping and indoor navigation in the Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport The Circle & The Circle Convention Center

Situm for CCNB Dieppe Campus

CCNB Dieppe Campus

More than 2,300 students and 700 employees share space on the CCNB Dieppe Campus in New Brunswick, Canada.

Indoor mapping FAQ

What is indoor mapping? 

Indoor mapping is the process of representing indoor spaces through plans to guide visitors and provide them with information about the venue. 

What do I need to create indoor maps? 

To create an indoor map you just need to upload an image of your building plan to our Dashboard, identify the building’s points of interest and define the routes you want to guide visitors through. 

How can I integrate an indoor map in my website, kiosk or app? 

Once the user has uploaded their indoor maps to the Situm dashboard, with a 5-line code snippet of code it can be easily integrated into kiosks and web pages or in apps through a link.  

How do a user get an indoor map? 

Indoor maps can be obtained in different ways: through a web page, a browser or even an app. You only have to provide the user with a url to access your indoor map. 

Can an indoor map provide user’s location in teal time and turn-by-turn directions? 

An indoor map can provide step-by-step directions from point A to point B, but it cannot determine the user’s position as he or she moves along the route obtained through a bidget web indoor map route. 


Hospital indoor navigation map for websites and kiosks

How to create & embed indoor maps in a web app in the twinkling of an eye

Some developers want to enable Situm’s Wayfinding capabilities without an app and offer the full indoor and outdoor navigation hospital experience through a web browser.



Situm’s indoor maps at F1 STC Saudi Arabian GP for the 3rd year

Situm’s indoor mapping solution have been implemented in the F1 official website map for the third year with significant new features such as the recreation of spaces in 3D.



What’s new in Situm wayfinding and interactive maps : April 2024 

Now, implementing wayfinding with Stitum SWIM is a matter of hours across a broad range of platforms, including websites, kiosks and native Android/iOS, Flutter, React Native, Cordova, and Capacitor apps.



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