Indoor navigation

Indoor navigation integration into your app is easy with Situm!


The benefits of indoor wayfinding: enhanced visitor engagement

Imagine a client that never gets lost and enjoys their visit more

Indoor navigation in Real Time

Help your visitor to find their destination in Real-Time and without deviations.

Indoor navigation to find your car

Make the location of their vehicle in your parking easier.

Step-by-step indoor navigation

Guarantee a step-by-step navigation with recalculation for deviations.

Indoor navigation with special routes for PRM

Define special routes for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM).

Indoor wayfinding to points of interest

Make the location of Points of Interest like elevators or customer support points easier through maps.

Wayfinding flexible and with less cost

Reduce signage costs by implementing a more flexible solution.

Indoor navigation for geo-marketing

Increase your profitability by activating geolocated notifications and promos.

Useful geo-analytics thanks to indoor navigation

Plan your spaces and services through geoanalytics on visitor habits.


Indoor navigation success cases

Airports, hospitals, shopping malls, department stores, stadiums, Formula 1 circuits, corporate headquarters, museums… many sectors and thousands of buildings in which visitors already enjoy a better experience thanks to the enrichment of their apps with Situm’s indoor navigation.

El Corte Inglés

The famous department store chain deploys Situm to guide shoppers in Goya and Castellana pilots.

Turkish Hospitals

Turkish largest hospital, including Mersin, facilitates a less stressful experience for patients with indoor wayfinding.

AENA Airports

Passengers at Madrid Barajas – Adolfo Suárez and Barcelona – El Prat now enjoy AENA Maps indoor navigation.

F1 Saudi Arabia GP

The Jeddah Corniche Formula 1 Circuit includes an indoor and outdoor guidance feature in its mobile app, developed by Y.

Oasis Resorts

Guests at the most renowned of Cancun’s resorts enjoy the facilities without getting lost from the very first moment.


The French distribution leader relied on Situm for its pilots in the Alcobendas and San Fernando de Henares centers.

Palacio Real

Situm provides indoor navigation for the app of one of Madrid’s main tourist attractions with the highest number of visitors.

Marineda City

One of the largest malls in Spain and a benchmark in digital transformation incorporates Situm guidance to its app.


How to make indoor navigation apps

Many companies and developers are facing for the first time the challenge of enriching their app with guidance functionality to improve the experience of visitors in their facilities. With Situm, all the risks that are going through your head disappear. Although indoor positioning is a recent technology, we have extensive experience developing indoor guidance projects for apps for hospitals, shopping malls, airports, museums, resorts or sports venues. We also have developed an indoor platform that includes all the tools to make your app’s indoor navigation something different and special.

Situm WYF, the indoor wayfinding Plug & Play module

The wayfinding module is the best choice for developers who want a standard wayfinding solution, quick and easy to integrate into their app.

  • Cartography visualization: maps, points of interest (POI) and geofences.
  • POI search engine.
  • Indoor and outdoor smartphone localization.
  • Guidance with configurable routes: shortest, accessible…
  • Turn-by-turn route indications are available on the map visually, by text or by voice.
  • Geo notifications that are activated when entering a certain area.

Learn more > Requirements, code examples and more

Indoor wayfinding module by Situm
Indoor navigation SDK by Situm

Indoor navigation SDK

Situm SDK allows a fully personalized integration into your apps and is available for several operative systems: Android, iOS, Cordova, React Native and Capacitor.  

  • Get information from buildings where Situm’s indoor positioning system has already been implemented: floorplans, POIs, geo-triggered events…
  • Retrieve the location of the smartphone with its position, orientation, and floor data.
  • Calculate a route between the point where the user is and the POI they want to go to.
  • Trigger notifications when the user enters a particular space.

Learn more > Requirements, code samples and more

Indoor navigation Open sourced base App

Find out the open sourced Situm Wayfinding, our base indoor navigatio app for Android & iOS. Download the source code, change the app’s name, the logos & colours, and release your own indoor navigation app with:

  • Indoor location bluedot & wayfinding.
  • Maps visualization with floor selection.
  • A search bar to find their favourite Points of Interest.
  • Turn-by-turn indications (text & voice).

Access documentation

Download the source code

AR Outdoor & Indoor Navigation

Provide to your visitors a new way to explore outside and inside your venue through augmented reality [metaverso, AR, reality] as the PinnAR APP does in shopping malls, airports and official buildings in Japan.

Indoor navigation maps management

Situm also includes a multifunction dashboard to create and manage indoor maps.

  • Create beautiful and interactive maps. Upload, manage or modify your floorplants, points of interest, indoor navigation paths and geofences in real-time directly from your internet browser to keep everything up-to-date
  • Usage analytics. Analyse visitors & staff behaviour by leveraging on geoanalytics such as heatmaps, dwell time reports and more
  • Custom look & feel. Personalize your maps with your brand identity, logos & colours with a few clicks

Geoanalytics of Wayfidning apps users

The dashboard included in the system allows the manager to obtain useful information via two analytics:

  • Number of visitors: this will allow the building manager to better plan the routes provided and the work teams based on the volume of visitors expected on a specific date according to the history.
  • Heatmaps with geolocation density: this allows you to easily identify the most trafficked spaces to get the most out of them.

Access documentation

Geomarketing: the way to impact customers trough indoor navigation

Indoor navigation enables much more personalized and appropriate marketing to monetize your customers’ visits to your building:

  • Geopromotions: The polygonal geofence tool allows you to precisely delimit areas where you can launch geolocated promotions.
  • Fusion of the virtual and physical world: Would you like that, as soon as your customer enters your store, they are shown where to find that item they included on their wishlist when they were browsing your website? Or would you like to have a more personalized marketing solution? Indoor navigation opens the door to incredible new experiences.

Indoor navigation in websites and kiosks

Some companies want to enable indoor navigation without asking visitors to download apps. With Situm you can also display your digital maps and provide directions to visitors on websites and digital kiosks.


They trust Situm IPS to develop their indoor wayfinding apps

Situm for Hospitals

Hospitals and Health Centers

Developers of solutions like Medrics, Balidea or Mysphera for large healthcare and hospital groups such as Turkish hospitals (Read post), SERGAS (Read post) or Quirónsalud.

Situm for Airports


Telefónica and Carto relied on Situm’s indoor navigation solutions for passenger guidance with Aena Maps (Read post) at several of the world’s busiest airports, like Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas or Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat,

Situm for Retail

Shopping centers

Developers integrate Situm into apps to guide customers in dozens of shopping centers of some of Europe’s leading real estate companies , like Marineda City (Read post) or Vialia (Read post).

Fairs and events

Our Indoor Positioning System and SDK has been used for the official F1 Saudi Arabian GP app, with outdoor and indoor wayfinding, developed by Y-Team (Read post).


30.000 m2







What is indoor navigation and indoor wayfinding used for?

Indoor wayfinding is available in more and more large and complex buildings since the absence of GPS has been overcome. Hospitals, shopping malls, airports, hotels and resorts, trade fairs, corporate headquarters… the list of buildings where visitors enjoy a better customer experience thanks to enriched indoor guidance is growing every day. But indoor guidance also opens the door to new related functionalities, useful for visitors and building owners.


Indoor navigation to guide shoppers in malls
  • Wayfinding directory to all facilities from any point.
  • “Find your car”.
  • Geolocated promotions with indoor geofences.
  • Wayfinding inside supermarkets and large stores.
  • Geo-analytics on the number of visitors and heatmaps.

Solution page


Indoor navigation to guide guests in resorts
  • Indoor and outdoor guest guidance.
  • Multimedia information.
  • Flexible signaling solution in case of space reorganization.
  • Special routes for people with reduced mobility (PRM).
  • Geopositioned promotions according to the guest’s profile.

Solution page


Indoor navigation to guide passengers in airport
  • Guide passengers to check-in and boarding gates.
  • Vehicle location in car parks.
  • Activate geo-promotions in commercial areas.
  • Report the remaining distance to be covered.
  • Special routes and for PRM passengers.

Solution page


Indoor navigation to guide patients in hospitals
  • Guidance to hospital waiting rooms and doctor’s offices.
  • Car location in car parks.
  • Special routes for people with reduced mobility.
  • Locate rooms for visits to admitted patients.
  • Prevent unintentional access to restricted areas.

Solution Page



Indoor navigation with beacons

Indoor navigation with beacons. How many will I need?

The answer to this question is based on the robustness of Situm’s core technology, which combines a greater amount of signals than other solutions, enabling smartphones to be located indoors with high precision and minimal infrastructure.



Indoor wayfinding module for iOS, Android, React Native, Cordova & Capacitor

With only a few lines of code, Situm WYF,the library of visual components allows developers to easily integrate all the functions needed to enrich an application with indoor navigation.



How to make your indoor navigation app? 4 reasons to do it with Situm

How to make your indoor navigation app? 4 reasons to do it with Situm

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a provider to develop an app with indoor navigation. Discover in this post the 4 main reasons why Situm is the choice of thousands of companies and developers.



How to create & embed indoor maps in a web app in the twinkling of an eye?

Some developers want to enable Situm’s Wayfinding capabilities without the need to ask the user to download an app and offer the full indoor and outdoor navigation experience through a web browser. We also give them a solution.




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