Indoor tracking

Audit workforces and processes with indoor tracking and minimal infrastructure

Real-time outdoor – indoor location tracking

Tracking and monitoring, indoors and outdoors, for a faster and more efficient coordination of workforces and better adaptation of resources to each specific situation.

Staff indoor tracking and monitoring with Situm dashboard and app

Audit workforces and processes with advanced indoor tracking analytics

Recording the activity of workforces indoors provides useful geo-analytics such as trajectories, allows better control of processes, and more transparent customer relations. 

Increase security and react faster to events

Manage emergencies faster and more efficiently by being aware of your venue and workers’ status in real time. 

Geolocated alarms

Indoor tracking to ensure proper execution of tasks and tours

The geo management of tasks and rounds helps to plan and control what staff must do as they move around the facility. 

You decide: out-of-the-box or integrated with your solution

Situm MRM is the ready-to-use solution for workforce geo-management, but we also provide Rest APIs to easily integrate our cartography and geospatial data into your systems. 

Indoor tracking Rest API
Situm platform to develop indoor wayfinding solutions

Deploy and manage your indoor tracking solution yourself

With Situm IPS Platform tools you can easily and quickly deploy your indoor tracking solution without installing any infrastructure. 

Learn more > IPS Platform

Indoor tracking success cases


Prosegur uses Situm’s indoor positioning technology for surveillance management through geolocation, offering new unique and unparalleled services to its customers.

I-SEC indoor tracking success case


I-SEC Group has successfully implemented Situm’s indoor and outdoor location technology to manage its staff and processes at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Securitas indoor tracking success case


Securitas Location improves security management, helps the guards and provides a whole new set of location-based solutions, services and products to its customers.


The first success case of this security company from the Basque Country has been the implementation of indoor and outdoor geosurveillance in metro, railways and tramways.

Sicor indoor tracking success case


SICOR Seguridad implements indoor / outdoor geolocation technology in its surveillance solutions to offer a state-of-the-art product and to continue being a reference in its market. 

Ferrovial indoor tracking success case


Ferrovial Services Spain started an indoor location system based on Situm’s technology to detect hot spots, optimize workers’ routes, reduce pre-operation times, and optimize resources.

Clece indoor tracking success case


Clece Security is making a commitment towards the latest technology by incorporating indoor geolocation solutions into its surveillance services to boost them.


The first project between Corepart and Situm has been the implementation of a security system for orderlies at a medical centre in Sweden, a smartphone as an alarm transmitter/receiver.

Indoor tracking FAQ

What is indoor location tracking? 

Indoor location tracking is the functionality that enables to locate and monitor indoors the position of a device (smartphone, tag, beacon…) carried by a person or placed on an asset. There are different signals and technologies that enable indoor location tracking, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or ultra-broadband, among others. 

Can GPS be used indoors? 

Roofs and walls block the GPS signal, so it cannot be used to locate people and objects inside buildings. 

Is it legal to track the location of my workforce? 

Legislation on the tracking of people indoors is varied and diverse depending on the country, so it is necessary to consult the labour legislation in each country. In general, tracking people during work is allowed in certain situations and under certain conditions. 

Where is indoor tracking used? 

Indoor tracking is usually used to track workforces and assets in large and complex buildings where they are in continuous movement or it is important to be permanently located, such as factories, hospitals, shopping malls, airports or large sporting venues and events where users are easily lost and their experience is negatively affected. 

How can I integrate it with Business Intelligence (BI) software? 

Indoor tracking is often used to track workers and assets in large, complex buildings where they are in constant motion or it is important that they are permanently located, such as factories, hospitals, shopping malls, airports or events. 


Alse Puntu Morea, the app with geolocation for gender violence emergencies in public buildings

Developed using Situm’s outdoor and indoor geolocation platform, Alse Puntu Morea allows users in danger to trigger an alarm via their smartphones. Once activated, the alarm is automatically displayed on the security control panel managed by Alse.



Serveo & Situm for the cleaning service management at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport

The award to Serveo of the cleaning service by public tender was marked by a key requirement included in Aena’s specifications: the implementation of a geolocation system to objectively audit the execution of the service in the facilities.



Situm’s APIS for integration with Business Intelligence Tools: Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is an interactive data visualization and Business Intelligence software developed by Microsoft. Integrating REST APIs with Power BI is simple and has great potential, as it allows you to combine data from different sources to perform a joint analysis. 



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